InstantRig Auto Rigger Script for Max 3D model

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InstantRig Auto Rigger Script for Max 3D model

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InstantRig is modular auto rigging tool for 3DS Max users focused keyframe cartoon animations. It helps riggers to create flexible, animator friendly and production quality rigs in minutes.


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reisal wrote
Hi can you make basic tutorial for animation , because i am little bit confuse when animate, thanks.
firatkiral replied to reisal
Hi, it's on my todo list. If you confused about parameters on controllers there are basic explanations for each at Thanks.
charly-1 wrote
Awesome tool! Thank you very much!
charly-1 wrote
I'm not animator =)))))))) And spent 10 minutes for this!!! ---- Amazing tool!!! I'm very happy!!! Best regards, Andrew.
charly-1 wrote
Heh, literally today bought this script I took the primitive rig of a dog, created an geometry for it for an hour in 3dcoat, then make skin with the script, spent 2 hours and voila: smiley: I got such a test with dynamics hair + lucid plugin ... I'm just want to say - earlier I didn't do animation at all ... all of this - thumb to decide: naturally a lot of jambs: the same way and the dynamics which I'm not know very good - there are jambs: But why I'm talking about this? =)) get literally in 3 hours this =))) without knowledge =)) thumb to decide. - it's cool!!! the script arranges a revolution: smiley: like ornatrix with lucid =))) The test video - For the rest, the script simplifies the work with the rig and skin. just go to the site on the link above and understand what I mean =)) Lucid is also the development of Ephere for physics: Here you can see the video on Lucid - In short, I'm shocked - where progress is moving =)) Thank you! Thank you! Thaaaank youuuu!
huntingfluff wrote
I am an Art Director in the games industry and have been using 3D Studio/Max for nearly 20 years. The one area I have always disliked is rigging and for the first time, I am able to say that I have found a solution that provides me with most of the tools I have been looking for in order to speed up the process. I have previously used CAT and Biped but for various reasons, I'm not really a fan of either. Biped is solid and stable with mocap support, but animating with it isn't particularly enjoyable for many. In addition, the fact you have to scale the bones to correctly/accurately place joints is archaic. CAT resolves some of the issues with Biped but has its own set of problems including the fact it isn't the most stable. I have tried many different solutions over the years including Super Simple Rig by the talented Rune Spaans. It's a great rig but has limitations that rendered it useless for me (unable to specify the number of spine links) due to the fact I require a particular set-up for game dev. InstantRig solves many of the issues I have previously encountered and is highly customisable, stable and fast. You can align/snap your bones/pivots to point helpers to ensure that joints are exactly where you want them. You can save your bone structure before calculating the rig's controls/solvers which makes it great for having ready-made templates that you can easily modify/change. Firat has responded quickly to my emails and queries and really does know what he's talking about which reflects in the quality of the plug-in he has developed. I really look forward to mocap support and the continued development of InstantRig. I feel he deserves the support of the Max community and that this plug-in could prove to be one of the best for Max users that do not possess the technical knowledge required to create good rigs. Thanks Firat, and congrats on your design and implementation of InstantRig. It's worth every penny. Highly recommended. John
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