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Browse through a variety of different 3D print model categories to discover some of the most extraordinary 3D printable designs from professional 3D creators. Sleek and stylish home decorations, trendy gadget accessories, eye-catching fashion pieces or unique jewelry designs – give yourself an inspiration boost and print what you need.

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Art 3D Print Models

Are you an art lover? Check out all the 3D printed art available online. We have everything for your heart’s desire – from beautiful figurines, wall art and sculptures to such funky creations as hermit crab shells or 3D print logo. It will make a perfect gift for your loved one or a masterpiece to brighten up your everyday life.

Fashion 3D Print Models

Do you want to make a statement with unique fashion pieces? Click and access your 3D printed wardrobe to stay on top of the trending footwear, season outfits and accessories! All the clothing from “one of a kind” shoes, pret-a-porter dresses to party glasses are all here to style up your looks.

Gadgets 3D Print Models

If electronics is your passion and you have more gadgets than ties, this wide selection of flying, ticking and blinging things will make your heart race. Click and 3D print your drone or quadcopter now! Keep your smartphone safe and classy in a unique 3D printed phone case or just upgrade your gadgets with all kinds of exclusive accessories available here.

Games & Toys 3D Print Models

No one is ever too old to have fun. If you’re bored with the games and toys you own, get inspiration from this broad selection of 3D printed home entertainment pieces. Missing construction toy parts? 3D scene has them covered. Now you can 3D print chess set and dice to give the old games a new life!

Hobby & DIY 3D Print Models

Fancy joining the ranks of world’s smartest makers and tinkerers? If you want to construct 3D models everyone is talking about, click and 3D print a car or a gun, listen how the music sounds from a 3D-printed guitar or share your own inventions.

House 3D Print Models

Did you know you can now 3D print an entire house or a building? Click and discover the outstanding designs of homeware and furniture. Ever needed an extra toothbrush after an unexpected sleepover? Has your knife lost it sharpness? Why bother going shopping, if all the stylish kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room items can be 3D printed at home!

Jewelry 3D Print Models

Nothing catches your eye at the accessories store anymore? Tired of the same boring designs everyone is wearing? Think out of the box! Click and get your custom jewelry pieces in 3D print: bracelets, necklaces, headwear, pendulums, or anything else you want. A little hint: what girl could say no to a 3D-printed engagement ring?

Miniatures 3D Print Models

The miniatures collection on your desk needs an exclusive addition? Click and bring to life a 3D design of a robot or an action figure, or choose from a broad selection of 3D printable vehicles like bikes or aircrafts. Decorating your fireplace with 3D printing masterpieces like medieval castle or an intricate skull has never been so fun…

Science 3D Print Models

Finally you have a chance to make your contribution to the development of science! The future of 3D printed organs and food is just a click away. Explore the groundbreaking medical achievements and find out more about the available 3D print casts and prosthetics.

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