3D Printing Models

Professional 3D models ready to be printed at home with desktop FDM or industrial SLS 3D printers, available in many industry formats including OBJ, STL, WRL. If you are 3D printing hobbyist, maker, educator or business prototyping by 3D-printing, our home decorations, trendy gadget accessories, eye-catching fashion pieces, unique jewelry, mechanical parts, and variety of miniatures will surely give you an inspiration boost. If you're looking for a 3D printing service near you, try our 3D PrintList - location-based list of 3D printing companies

Art 3D Printing Models

This is where the artistic 3D prints go. Looking for fancy sculpture design recreating classical works and statues of historic personalities, or inspiring figurines, maybe even 3D-printable logos? That is the category.

Fashion 3D Printing Models

Beautiful and stylish things that you can wear are found in this category. See if you can find any use for fancy space age footwear, novelty glasses and cosplay accessories found here.

Gadgets 3D Printing Models

All iPhone, iPad (and other smart devices) cases can be found in gadget category. From simple 3D add-ons to complex parts and “hacks” for your items, this is the category for the creatives, and lovers of technology.

Games & Toys 3D Printing Models

Games and toys is the category covering printable 3D alien or monster miniatures, tiny tanks, funky chess pieces, movie character helmets, hobby paraphernalia and accessories. This is the to-go category for all things geeky.

Hobby & DIY 3D Printing Models

If you are our next great inventor and want to build your DIY project or get some spare parts for your drone, this is the place to be. Additionally, it features a lot things for people who want to make their own figurines or plastic gun replicas.

House 3D Printing Models

All sorts of knick-knacks can be found here. Lamps, artistic bowls, and all kinds of holders whether you cannot find a right spot for your phone, keep order of toothpicks, pile of pens or jewelry on your desk.

Jewelry 3D Printing Models

Jewelry is where you go to get bracelets and pendants or see inspiring rings with diamonds. While 3D printers aren’t good enough to make diamonds - yet - you can still print out a metallic ring as a base for your IT geek proposal ring. Or you can try out the design before springing money for the real thing.

Miniatures 3D Printing Models

3D printable characters and famous people, landmarks and animals found under this category. Whether you’re printing utility vehicles to put on your table or creating miniatures for your tabletop games, it’s your category. Male, female, monsters, aliens - it’s all here.

Science 3D Printing Models

What can be classed as science? Well, models of skeleton bones, physicians tools and astrophysics-related 3D printable models that can be used in many study processes.