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Get inspiration for your next digital masterpiece or discover professional 3D models for your project by browsing through our 3D model categories. Whether you’re looking for a high-quality architectural 3D models or need a realistic 3D human character, we have a leading digital art library for all your needs. Click to discover!

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Aircraft 3D Models

Flying has never been cooler. If you’re after a high-quality CG model of a plane, you came to the right place. Click and download a military helicopter or an actual airplane 3D object to tear the sky! Fancy exploring the future delivery techniques? Check out the drone 3D models!

Animals 3D Models

Are you creating your own Prehistoric 3D world with realistic dinosaurs and wild animals? Click and download a T Rex Computer graphic design or browse through numerous other wildlife and home pet 3D models like cats, dogs or birds.

Architectural Details 3D Models

All the architectural details you need to create a realistic scene – from door to window 3D models, from flag to globe CG designs are just a click away! It is literally the 3D display room at your hands.

Architectural Exterior 3D Models

Fascinated by the architecture? Click to discover the greatest architectural achievements in human history - or just any typical house, medieval castle and 3D designs. Download a building, city or tower 3D model and explore some of the most captivating urban and rural landscapes.

Architectural Interior 3D Models

Creating a stylish home, office or club interior design can be a tricky business! Browse through essential sheets, sofa, table or furniture 3D models for inspiration or just check out the full modern kitchen and bedroom CG designs.

Car 3D Models

Ever wondered about having your own supercar? Click and find 3D models of any car you want! If you want to go for something more casual, countless car and truck CG designs are at your service to speed up your heart rate.

Character / Human 3D Models

Bring back the magic to your video games with the new wizard or dragon computer graphic models. Download a mighty superhero 3D model to take over the world or make a robot army fight against your chosen enemy. Don’t mind something sexier? Check out the available female 3D models to raise your game.

Electronics 3D Models

Are you tech-savvy? Interested in the latest camera and laptop 3D models? Everything from Phones to those little 3D smartwatch CG designs is just a click away in this category! Gadgets, gadgets everywhere…

Food 3D Models

Do you have a sweet tooth and enjoy gourmet meals? Click to explore all the 3D cuisine dishes. We supply everything from the raw materials for an apple tart to an actual cake 3D model! If dessert is not your favorite course to conclude an evening meal, stick to fruit and vegetable 3D models.

Furniture 3D Models

If you, like the rest of the world, is thankful for the beautiful and cheap furniture designs that companies bring to every home, browse our furniture 3D models and discover some of the most outstanding pieces. Cutting edge chair, sofa and table 3D object designs for your living room or romantic, classic and modern bed 3D models for you!

Furniture Set 3D Models

This category contains furniture suite 3D models from kitchen, dining and living room to office, bedroom and bathroom furniture sets. To buy or download a free 3D model, browse the categories below. You can use models for animation or games - some of them are rigged and lowpoly.

Household 3D Models

No stylish, modern home could get away without luxurious curtains, statement lamp or revolutionary TV set. Our advice is to stay away from boring carpet models and cheap decorations. If you’re creating future home, click and browse through a great number of sleek and chic household 3D models to find something that matches your expectations!

Industrial 3D Models

Feel like constructing something? Click and expose yourself to 3D engineering materials. If you want to build an engine 3D model, get your virtual gear and screw CG designs here. No other tools required!

Plant / Tree 3D Models

Are you into gardening? Make the world a greener place by downloading tree or flower 3D model. You can create your own Japanese gardens with bamboo computer graphic designs or see how the oxygen is produced by taking a closer look at 3D plant cell.

Science / Medical 3D Models

Unlock the mysteries of the human body by going over hand or heart 3D models. Stimulate your brain by exploring human skull computer graphic design or investigate how the genetic information is coded in the DNA.

Space 3D Models

The galaxy needs to be saved from the dark powers. Get your gear in place by browsing through some amazing spaceship 3D models and take the 3D sci fi fans on a new journey. Go into space without leaving the Earth!

Sport / Hobby 3D Models

There are hundreds of various hobbies and sport activities for those who care to search. Browse through available 3D models to cater to all types: avid book readers, passionate gamers, musical instrument players or building & construction toys fans. Whatever the hobby, click and discover anything from piano 3D models to doom CG designs.

Vehicle 3D Models

By all means, travelling is the best way to explore the world, no matter what type of transport you choose. Check out train and bus 3D models for public transportation or bike and motorcycle CG designs if you fancy feeling the wind in your hair. In case you want to appreciate the rural landscape, discover alternative vehicles like tractor or bicycle 3D models.

Watercraft 3D Models

Near, far, wherever you are… Riding the waves could be incredibly fun. Click and delve into the wide selection of watercraft CG designs to see everything from the world famous cruise ship 3D models to little kayaks or rafts. If you’re not into admiring the legendary ship, take a glance at regular boat and canoe 3D objects.

Weapon / Military 3D Models

Video games are actually good for memory and reaction, so next time someone pulls out the ‘you’re wasting your time’ gun, make a mental note to give them a video game gift voucher on Christmas. Click to discover some of the most realistic weapon and military 3D models – everything from gun, sword and arrow to impressive world of tanks CG designs and Warfield scenes.

Scanned 3D Models 3D Models

In this category you can find scanned low-poly and game ready 3D models created by people using 3D scanning devices like Realsense.

Scripts / Plugins 3D Models

Are you looking for hacks and other tricks that will make your life easier? Check out our Scripts and Plugins category, you will definitely find something handy for you!

Engineering Parts 3D Models

In this category you can find 3D vehicle models from planes to other flying machines like airbuses or airliners. Browse through the category, find what you need and use the 3D models for animation or games - some of them are rigged and low poly.

Various 3D Models

There are 3D models that hardly fit to any particular category. We created a place for such models to exist - browse through various models to find something unexpected.

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