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CGTrader's forum is a great place to meet new people in the design world – our forum hosts a friendly and supportive designer community. Feel free to start a new topic, answer a question, or simply read up on what’s cooking: introduce yourself on our General Discussions board, discuss design news, software releases and everything in between.

CGTrader strives to be the most designer-friendly platform, which is why your suggestions and feedback is always welcome. Please do not hesitate to post it on the Site Suggestions board and help us improve the site! Want to find out something about our many challenges? Hop on the Challenge board! If you have any technical questions, or questions related to buying or selling 3D models on CGTrader, post them to the dedicated boards.

Our site attracts tens of thousands of designers who have varying skill levels. If you want to discover and learn something new, visit the Tutorials board. You might also like to get inspired or receive more feedback and exposure for your works by using the Model Showcase board.

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General Discussions

Introduce yourself to more than 1 million users at CGTrader and jump into the conversation with our friendly and supportive community. Feel free to post any relevant or interesting news and announcements from the CG, 3D design, virtual or augmented reality worlds. We always welcome interesting an...

Contests and Challenges

Have you seen our great challenges or competitions? Get on this board and find out what’s going on! Participants and fans have this board to discuss running or past initiatives on CGTrader. Each year we host multiple 3D model competitions where designers from around the world can win cash prizes,...

Selling / Buying 3D Models

Let’s talk business. With dozens of model categories, both in terms of theme and in quality, there are many questions left unanswered. CGTrader strives to be the best place for designers and customers to trade great CG assets, and this board is the straight-to-the-point discussion zone where you ...

3D model Showcase

Do you think your work deserves a place in a gallery? Want some additional exposure to your portfolio? How about great feedback from experienced design professionals? You can get it all and more on this board. Drop a link to your model on CGTrader and show off your work! And do give feedback on...

3D Printing

3D printing is the future, right? We want to see people printing everything from houses to boardgame models! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hardware enthusiast, feel free to discuss everything from 3D printing outlets, design software or models, 3D print news and hardware improvement...

Site Suggestions and Feedback

This is the most important Board for us. We take pride in being most designer-oriented 3D marketplace on the web, and we couldn’t do it without help from our great users. This is why we want everyone to use the Site Suggestions and Feedback board as an open space to tell us about their experience...

Tutorials From The Web

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, use this board to look for and spread great design knowledge from around the web! Share the best hardware, software, lifestyle or other tutorials and tricks with more than a million users in the CGTrader community. We encourage you to upvote the best tutorials...

Technical Q&A

Do you have a question? Feel free to post your questions about anything in the CG industry, and help others with questions about something that you already know. Most users come to this board to find out every technical detail about purchases, payments, purchases, refunds, and licences. Others wa...