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Are you ready for a design challenge? Check the current themed competitions and model a car, house, city, animal or anything else we see trending. Upload your new best selling 3D models and win prizes!
Finished Challenges
PBR Challenge

PBR Challenge

New year comes with a new challenge - and it's a big one.

PBR keeps on getting bigger and setting trends in 3D world. If you still haven't caught up with Physically Based Rendering, 2017 is a very good time to do just that - and this competition should give a little nudge to start creating content that is fast-becoming a real standard in the gaming industry.

In case you're interested in trying out PBR, getting better with it, or just have a competitive mindset, the challenge will be suitable for you. The PBR challenge is a competition for game-ready models, but there is no category restriction - if the model is below 50 000 polygons and is PBR textured - you're in!

Our friends at Allegorithmic, 3D-Coat and Marmoset are joining in this competition, providing some great prizes for PBR rendering - and CGTrader is throwing in a $1000 in cash for the winners.

Now, get the new-year hangover off your head, get back to modeling, and make something memorable to come out on top in this competition!

In case you need an explanation on PBR, take a look at the comprehensive PBR Guide by Allegorithmic, great tutorial on PBR theory, posted by Marmoset's founder Jeff Rusell - and the basics on PBR standards by Joe Wilson.

Ended on 2017-02-27
Low Poly Challenge - Vehicles From The Future

Low Poly Challenge - Vehicles From The Future

All of us have a car that we've dreamed of from an early childhood. Well, at least most of us do! And although the "flying car" concept looks out of question, there will still be many, many designs that we're going to love. But why not make a concept or two ourselves? 3D Modeling is a perfect solution for that.

Keep in mind, this is a vehicle challenge, which means you're free to make cars, motorcycles, tanks, buses, trucks, trains or whatever - just make sure it actually looks like it can do whatever it is vehicles usually do. The concept of future belongs to you here - whether it's an apocalypse-themed, heavily armored Truck, or a glow-in-the-dark motorcycle with three wheels - it counts as an entry - as long as it is original, it works for us.

It will be a Low Poly challenge - so the 50,000 polygon is a limit.

Time to show us what the future will look like!

Ended on 2017-01-23
CG Furniture-set Challenge

CG Furniture-set Challenge

We're back with a new furniture-set challenge. Just when you thought you couldn't chair less...

Yes, that's right. Never did we have a contest like this - and that is exactly why we're doing it! Time to get of your couch and start modelling a full set of them. We're giving a little more than full two months to come up with a furniture set of your (or someone else's) dreams. 5 quality winners will be awarded after the competition, and we have a record number of sponsors to increase your set of available 3D tools.

Choose your sort of side - whether it's dining room, kitchen, office or bathroom - quality sets will be appreciated and rated at the end of the competition. Think you can be crowned a king of furniture sets?

If you're brave sort of a fellow, try Cebas moskitoRender - we've just expanded the list of renderers accepted on CGT, and starting with a trial version may lead you to winning a full version.

Ended on 2016-12-19
VR Watercraft Challenge

VR Watercraft Challenge

Remember the "Voyage Voyage" song by Desireless?

We'll, I don't really know how that's related to the challenge we're making, but we're about to take a voyage ourselves, with the new VR Watercraft competition.

The concept of the competition is broad, but hopefully you'll love to challenge yourself - ships, boats, canoes, kayaks - everything that can be placed on water (and don't sink) goes. The theme of your design is up to you - whether it's a futuristic, VR fitting boat, a steampunk or an army ship, we'll welcome every original concept to this challenge!

The only rule you have to take - don't make your masterpiece over 50,000 polygons.

We have some great prizes to look for, teaming up with Topogun, Suburb, PixPlant, Exlevel, Fox Renderfarm, Visual Designer, Cheetah3D, Rendering Systems and iCube R&D Group - a great amount of our friends adding some glamour to the challenge and total prize pool reaching $5000.

Let's prepare for our trip!

Ended on 2016-11-28
CG Architectural Details Challenge

CG Architectural Details Challenge

Hey there, aspiring interior decorators! If had dreams of accepting architectural challenges, they have just come true! Yes, the CGTrader Architectural Detail Challenge is on! This is the golden opportunity to show us all the chairs, tables, lamps, sofas, couches, chandeliers, throw pillows and Loch Ness Monster spoons that you always wanted to make!

This is no VR challenge or anything, so there's really no limit on the amount of polygons - go wild! As long as you submit your work on time, you're in the race!

And you stand to win some fabulous prices. We have partnered up with Fox Render Farm, Video Copilot, Greyscalegorilla, Landscape Architects Network, 3D Wayfinder, Allegorithmic and Brighter 3D to give you some trophies that any 3D architect would enjoy - so get your blueprints and start modeling!

Ended on 2016-10-17
MakePrintable Challenge: 3D Printed Sci-fi Ships

MakePrintable Challenge: 3D Printed Sci-fi Ships

It's been a while, but we're back in with a new 3D Printing competition! And this time we came up with no ordinary task - we want to see you putting your artist mind to make 3D printable Sci-fi ships!

We're teaming up with MakePrintable - 3D printing solution that makes everyone lives easier by preparing 3D files for 3D printing automatically and is great for those challenging characters with various wall thickness. Together with New Matter who are bringing their MOD-t 3D Printer for the winner and Form Futura, who once again offer their innovative MetalFilâ„¢ 3D printing filaments to the second place winner of this competition! The third place winner will get a 3D printed model of his own ship!

The challenge winners will be decided together by judges from MakePrintable and CGTrader. The challenge will go on until October 10th, so make sure you come up with a good artwork - a worthy winner, if you may. Have in mind, that all submissions must be uploaded and prepared for 3D printing using MakePrintable - just a 4 stage process that can make a 3D file into a 3D print-ready one.

The most important part - enjoy yourself while creating an entry for this competition - to the sci-fi ship battle we go!

Ended on 2016-10-10
First Model Challenge - September

First Model Challenge - September

Starting the Autumn with another first model competition - a chance to start your career in CGTrader with a little gift!

Our partners for this competition are Brighter 3D (providing a license to SketchUp rendering) and Topogun, who are giving away their license to SketchUp rendering, we'll be waiting for your 3D artworks to pick the best first model uploaded in September.

Upload your first 3D model to our platform and take a chance to win a nice addition to your 3D modeling gadgets. We'll pick the winners at the start of October - put your modeling gloves on!

Ended on 2016-09-30