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Privacy Policy

CGTrader is committed to protecting the privacy of its users.

Collection of Data

We may collect personal contact information from you, including your name, e-mail, bank account/ credit card/ PayPal information, address, reputation score. If you sell 3D models on CGTrader, we may request information that is required for tax institutions of Republic of Lithuania – including passport or governmental ID copies, physical address, date of birth, and identification number, which are used solely to comply with tax authorities of Republic of Lithuania when making payouts to you. You may access this information in your Payment Agreement section or request to have this information modified or removed from our systems at any time by contacting us at We only use this information to carry out the immediate activity requested and for no other purpose. We do not carry out any personal research nor do we disclose this data to any persons outside of CGTrader and its immediate staff and partners.


CGTrader does not use cookies to extract information from you, solely to simplify your visits - we use this in order to enable you to come back to CGTrader without having to login each and every time, as well as when you create a Member Account, and using external analytics services, such as Google Analytics,, and others. Your continued use of CGTrader means that you consent to such use of the cookies by CGTrader. When you create a Member Account, CGTrader will use cookies to store your Member ID. This Member ID is a string of random characters and contains none of your personal information. A temporary cookie is also used to keep track of your "session". Without that temporary cookie (which is not stored after you quit your browser) you would have had to log on again on each page as well as use site's functions like shopping cart, item likes and similar ones. You can turn off cookies in your web browser (more information about this is available at This will however make it more or less impossible to access many of the functions on our web site.


Our intent is to provide privacy, integrity, as well as authentication with regards to our Internet communication. The security measures we have taken are intended to secure and encrypt your data, such that a third party cannot capture, access or read the information while it is in transit between your computer and our system.

Links to External Sites

CGTrader cannot be held responsible for the content or data policies and procedures found on external sites. If you would like to be informed of any changes that we make to our privacy policy, please contact us.

Direct Marketing

CGTrader may send you e-mails for marketing purposes only in case of your explicit consent. In case you wish to stop receiving e-mails for marketing purposes please click unsubscribe found at the end of such e-mail.

Infringement of Privacy

In case of any infringement of your privacy either by CGTrader or Member of the Site, please contact:

Dalia Lasaite

UAB CGTrader

Antakalnio st. 17

LT-10312 Vilnius