What are CGTrader Freelance 3D Projects?

CGTrader 3D Projects is the ultimate place where unique freelance 3D Projects and 3D designers come together. Professionals, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs find each other to work securely on any type of project with the lowest fee in the industry.

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What you’ll find on CGTrader Projects

Guaranteed quality

CGTrader assures that the result will meet your requirements, be delivered on time, and is ready to step in at any point.

Targeted community

Home to tens of thousands of designers, CGTrader is the best place for any 3D Project.

Know your contractor

Easily review your applicant’s portfolio on CGTrader.

No listing fees

Completely free to create and post as many freelance 3D Projects as you need.

Find your next freelance 3D Project!

Highest Royalty Rate

CGTrader 3D Projects have the lowest fee in the industry – 5% flat.

Security & Assurance

The payment is reserved and kept in escrow until a Project is finished.

Bring your business with you

Use the 'Invite a client' function to start projects with no effort on your client's part.

Make a name for yourself

Gain more reputation and be in demand by successfully completing 3D Projects.