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Hello everyone! Here I will post links to the my tutorials on CGTrader. Enjoy!

1. Megascans Part 1 -

2. Megascans Part 2 -

3. ForestPack Part 1 -

4. Redshift Part 1 -

5. RailClone Part 1 -

6. Making of Forester -

7. Making of Sci-Fi armchair in 3DCoat + VRay + VRScans -

8. The creation of an environment for the project "The Forester". Part 2. -

9. The creation of an environment for the project "The Forester". Part 3. -

10. The creation of "The Forester". Part 4. -

11. Ornatrix 6.8 -

12. World Creator 2. The creation of a fantasy world. Part 1 -

13. World Creator 2. The creation of a fantasy world. Part 2 -

14. Environment Creation. Chapter 1.1. Introduction to the SpeedTree Cinema 8 -

15. Creating a simple explosion in Houdini and Redshift. Timelapse. -

16. Environment Creation 1.2. SpeedTree Cinema 8 leaves. HandDrawing mode. Megascans leaves. -

17. Redshift ligth types. Physical light and IES. Volume light in Redshift. -

18. Creature concept in 3D-Coat. Skin in the Substance painter. Ornatrix fur. Vray render. -

19. Convert a scene from Vray to Corona Renderer. Corona Hair and Corona Skin materials. -

20. Fur creation in Ornatrix Maya.MASH scatter and creation of crushed grass. Arnold Render Maya. -

21. Redshift Portal Light. Remove noise in the interior. Realistic caustic in Redshift. -

22. Corona hair shader. The secret of realistic hair creation. Adjustment of the different shaders. -

23. Corona skin shader. The secret to creating realistic skin in Corona Renderer 1.7 -

24. Fantasy forest creation in the Corona Renderer -

25. Quixel Mixer road in UE4 and 3ds max. Part 1. Introduction. -

26. Quixel Mixer road in UE4 and 3ds max. Part 2. Fresh Asphalt surface. Street decals. -

27. Quixel Mixer road in UE4 and 3ds max. Part 3. Сreation of the damaged asphalt with puddles. -

28. Quixel Mixer road in UE4 and 3ds max. Part 4. Export into Unreal Engine 4. -

29. Quixel Mixer road in UE4 and 3ds max. Part 5. Blend Material creation in Unreal Engine 4 -

30. Quixel Mixer road in UE4 and 3ds max. Final. Railclone plugin and render with Vray Next. -

31. NVIL. Interface installation. Hot keys and display modes. -

32. NVIL. Modeling tools which useful for retopo and shortcut keys for them. -

33. World Creator 2. Navigation, landscape and texture size. Tools. -

34. World Creator 2. Custom Base shape. Selection tools. Action tools. -

35. How to make a curled wool for sheep in Ornatrix? -

36. NVIL. Add mesh to the Retopo Reference List. Draw Mesh tool and drawing guides. -

37.How to create a Multi-Displacement map in the CoronaLayeredMtl? -

38 NVIL. Closing of the line. Circularize. Separation and joining. Vertex relax. -

39. World Creator 2. Seamless. Fractal Noise. Edit Curve. Filters and Toggle Heatmaps option. -

40 NVIL. Guides clone, Move, Rotation ans Scale. Bridge tool between guides and edges. -

41. World Creator 2. Filter Distribution Properties. Mixing types. Flatten and Noise filters. -

42. NVIL. Different topology. Inset and Bridge tools. Patches creation. -

43. Substance Designer. Interface. Navigation. Link types for nodes in the Graph Editor. -

44. Poliigon PBR - material. Setup this material in Vray Next for Maya. -

45 World Creator 2. Smooth,Voronoi, Zero Edge and Path filters. Blending between filters. -

46. Substance Designer 2018. Three options to add nodes.Comments, Frames and Pins for work organisation. -

47. PhoenixFD. Preparing the scene for simulations. Fire preset. VrayGPU and Nvidia AI Denoiser -

48. Why I've switched to Ornatrix for Maya. Demonstration of Viewport 2.0 and HairPhysicalShader -

49. NVIL. Weld and Collapse Tools. The retopology of the cylindrical surface. -

50 Quixel Mixer. Creation of PBR material with displacement in 3D-Coat. -

51. Poliigon PBR-material. Add surface imperfections and normal blend. Render in Vray Next Maya. -

52. NVIL. Symmetry Tool and how to use it in the retopology creation. -

53. Substance Designer 2018. Bitmap node. Paint mode. Texture editor. Basic parameters. -

54 PhoenixFD. Simulation of burning fuel. Explosion, dense smoke, dry ice and clouds in the box. -

55. Ornatrix Maya. Curves From Strands. Width guides. Smooth and comfortable combing in Maya. -

56. 3D-Coat. Create the sculpt brush for Quixel Mixer.-

57. World Creator 2. Path filter settings. Shape filter, Distortion, Magnify, Pixelate, Swirl and others -

58. Poliigon PBR material. Render in Vray Next with Vray.Cloud and script-converter in Maya. -

59. Creature speedsculpt in 3D-Coat and Zbrush. Render in Renderman 21. -

60. Paint with PBR in 3D-Coat and render without UV and retopology in V-Ray Next + Polybrush workflow -

61.Railclone interface. Style Editor and Curve Steps option. Railclone object creation. -

62.Export EXR file from 3D-Coat to create a brush in Quixel Mixer. Texturing an asset. -

63.Substance Designer 2018. Blend, Shape, WaveForm1, BlurHQGrayscale and Tile Generator.-

64 Zbrush Zmodeler. Zmodeler Brush. Polygon Actions - Add to curve. Bevel and Bridge. -

65 Phoenix FD. Simulation of water, milk, beer and coffee. Render on V-Ray.Cloud. -

66.Ornatrix Maya. Clump modifier. Braid Guides and External Clump Strands. Moov physics and Lucid.-

67. Teya Conceptor. Introduction About the magic plane and kitbash. About how to get the beta for free. -

68. World Creator 2. Texturing the landscape and texture settings. -

69. Redshift hair and skin material. The geometry of the eye and the lacrimal part. Brunette and pink -

70. Teya Conceptor. About brush creation for Kitbash. Lathe tool and different profiles. -

71. SpeedTree Cinema 8. Collisions and Clusters. Anchor Points. -

72. Corona Distance Map. Examples. Part 1 -

73. 3D-Coat. Making of creature and render it in Corona Renderer. Part 2. -

74. Substance Designer 2018. Tile Generator Settings. -

75.How to Render 1% Viewport Ornatrix Hair in Octane? -

76 Zbrush Zmodeler. Polygon Actions. Part 2. -

77. World Creator 2.1.0. Quick sketch for concept art. Texturing in Quixel Mixer. Octane Render. -

78. How to render Quixel Asset in 3ds Max + V-Ray Next GPU? -

79. Teya Conceptor. Part 3-

80. Redshift hair settings. Part 2 -

81. Ornatrix Maya dreadlocks. How to make and render with V-Ray Next GPU? -

82.Quixel Mixer Asset. Part 4.-

83. Phoenix FD. Simulation of coffee, honey, chocolate, blood, paint, ink and waterfall. Chaos Cloud. -

84. World Creator 2.1.0. What's new? Part 1 -

85. Quixel Mixer stylized rocks and grass in 10 minutes with procedure material. -

86. Instant meshes in 3D-Coat. Fast Autoretopology -

87. Octane Render. ORBx magic.Export ForestPack, Ornatrix, Phoenix FD from 3dsMax to Maya or Standalone. -

88. How to draw Ornatrix Hair and add Redshift Melanin parameter in Maya? -

89. Quixel Mixer Asset. Part 5. -

90. Teya Conceptor. Part 4 -

91. World Creator 2. How to export landscape to UE4 by using SyncTool? -

92. Substance Painter to Octane render. How to export an object with a different materials? -

93. Quixel Mixer 2019.2. How to create stylized stones in the sand with new features? -

94. Corona Distance Map. Examples. Part 2. -

95. Redshift render carpaint material in 3ds Max tutorial. Part 1-

96 Railclone plugin for 3dsmax. Chapter 2.2-

97. Substance Painter and 3dsmax+VRay Next UDIM workflow tutorial.-

98.Redshift Render Car Paint material in 3ds Max tutorial. Part 2 -

99. Tutorial about how to export and render the new Ornatrix 3ds max .vrscene in V-Ray Standalone? -

100.Blender 2.8 beginner tutorial. Free Octane Render and first impressions. Addons. -

101. Blender 2.8 tutorial for beginner. Octane render interactive clouds. Metaballs -

102. World Creator 2 tutorial. Frozen Terrain generation and texturing. -

103. Quixel mixer landscape texturing tutorial. Render in 3ds Max and FStorm Tutorial posted by charly-1charly-1 -

104. Creating clouds in Teya Conceptor and Houdini. Export Vdb to 3ds max -

105. FStorm Render. Render environment with clouds and atmosphere in 3ds Max tutorial. -

106. Blender 2.8 tutorial for begginer. Addons. Introduction to Creative Bundle. Part 1-

107. Substance Alchemist to Octane Render in 3ds Max. Tutorial for beginners. -

108. Working with Quixel Bridge and UE 4 in 2019. Tutorial for beginners. (different languages)-

109. V-Ray GPU Next IPR test on 2080Ti, 1080Ti, i9 9900K, e5-1650v2 and 2*e5-2667 -

110. V-Ray GPU Next render test on 2080Ti, 1080Ti, i9 9900K, e5-1650v2 and 2 * e5-2667. Part 2 (different languages) -

111.Creating Real-time hair using Ornatrix Maya and Vray. Part 1. (different languages) -

112. Creating Real-time hair with Ornatrix Maya and Vray. Part 2 (7 languages) -

113. Substance Alchemist to Octane Render for Blender 2.81 -

114. Substance Designer 2019. Create a rope pattern. -

115. RailClone 3ds max. Chapter 2.3. L1S Array creation. -

116. Substance Designer 2019. Create a rope pattern. Part 2 -

117. Fur creation with Ornatrix 3ds max and render in Redshift. -

118. RailClone 3ds max. Chapter 2.4. Array 2S Generator -

119. Procedural landscape in World Creator 2. Export to Cinema 4D and render in Arnold 6 GPU. -

120. Ornatrix Cinema 4d tutorial. Part 1. Intro and the creation of fur. Redshift IPR. -

121. World Creator 2 to Blender 2.81. Render in Octane. 3D-Coat/Teya Conceptor clouds. -

122. World Creator 2. Stylized Textures from the simulation. Export to Unreal Engine 4 -

123 Ornatrix Cinema 4d tutorial. Part 2. Redshift Hair Mtl. C4D Noise and BodyPaint3d. -

124. Phoenix FD. Tutorial series -

125. Working with Quixel Bridge, World Creator 2, and UE 4 in 2020. Tutorial for beginners.-

126. Blender 2.82 tutorial for beginners. Addons. Introduction to Creative Bundle. Part 2 -

127. Fstorm Render. Parallax Bump and Projection Material. Poliigon and Quixel Megascans. -

128. Ornatrix 3. "aiUserDataColor" attribute and RGB channels in Arnold Renderer. -

129. Making of Cartoon Environment with Corona Renderer, Teya Conceptor, 3ds Max and 3D-Coat -

130. World Creator 2. Area Tool and import Quixel Megascans.-

131. Arnold Renderer refractive portrait in Maya. -

132. World Creator 2. Custom Base Shape and adding trees to the scene. Object parameters. -

133. Unreal Engine 4.25. Alembic Hair. Q&A Part 1. Official answers from the community. -

More tutorials coming soon!


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