Un able to go to cart or check out

Discussion started by thelonelyartisan

I am getting "something went wrong with this page request" when ever I try to view my cart or if I hit proceed to checkout.

I just registered my account, is there a time delay or something I have to do first? before i can make a purchase?

I have already varified my email.

Edit: Ended up finding the same files elsewhere for cheaper.


Posted 24 days ago

Now we are three ...

Posted 24 days ago

Same, here we are at 5. Got 2 files I wanna buy that are on sale

Posted 24 days ago

The checkout and cart pages are down since the morning and they are ignoring it. Emailed them 10 times.

Posted 24 days ago

The service here is bad, every issue takes so long to get resolved, and they don't give a method of contact other than this email that they rarely check.

Posted 24 days ago

Well, I received an e-mail within 3 hrs of my message to their helpdesk, telling me that they had technical issues and that now everything should be working. I just gave it a try, and all worked just fine. As for my first experience with purchasing from cgtrader and running into a problem, I am more than satisfied.

Posted 23 days ago

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

We had a temporary technical issue but it was thankfully resolved. Thank you for hanging in there!

Greta from CGTrader

captndanglers wrote
Maybe you might be able to answer this, I finally was able to make a purchase yesterday for 42.50. All well and good, now I have a pending charge for 0.85 cents that I didn't authorize. Where is this 0.85 cent coming from?
gretasj wrote
Could you please message our support team via support@cgtrader.com with more details and some screenshots if possible? They would look into this.

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