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Hey all,

A few announcements from our latest activity:

1. We've made a few changes to reputation system, to encourage more interaction between the community members.

  • Reputation points for model purchases;

  • Liking tutorials or getting liked for uploaded tutorials;

  • Receiving comments on 3D models, galleries or tutorials.


  • Social likes (the service was discontinued by a third-party provider, that's why we used this opportunity to upgrade our social sharing options, which you can read about below);

  • Reputation points for free model downloaded (the reason is that we want to balance the reputation system to give fair incentives for all activities and free downloads outweighed other factors).

Of course, the reputation points that you have earned up until this point will remain intact.

You can find full information on how we give out the reputation points here:

2. Our development team worked on improving the sharing of your works on social media. You can now try out sharing your 3D models, gallery projects, tutorials or designer/blog pages on different social channels. We've covered it on the blog post you can find here:

Feel free to let us know your insights, comments and feedback. We're always looking to improve, and having your insights is always very welcome!

Best regards,
Eddie, CGTrader


Posted almost 4 years ago

Wow, no reputation points for free model downloads :[ That means no free models from me anymore, i'm affraid. Luckily i almost reached last step on rep ladder.

BTW, i think that number of points gained or loosed basing on feedback from purchased models, must be a lot higher. Like +50 and -50. Feedback from buyers is very important factor and must be valued accordingly.

angela-vonwartburg wrote
From a business perspective, it makes sense to give no reputation points to encourage selling models instead of giving them away for free. It probably regulates the amount of free models here (as you just said, no free models from you anymore), and there is no direct income from free models for cgtrader.
LemonadeCG wrote
I completely agree with you, although it was nice little exploit to climb reputation ladder as quickly as possible :] I'm glad that i did take opportunity, but now i can focus more on commercial models.
cmc444 wrote
Yeah I agree having free models was nice for people that had never used the site and brought in new clients to buy real products. I dont know if that was the best idea...
Posted almost 4 years ago

That's great! I am happy people can't be rewarded for free loading or sharing free models! Thanks CGT for making this change!

Posted almost 4 years ago

It's refreshing to see that there's less incentive around the idea of free models, since that does more or less screw over those of us who want/need to make a profit from our models. Enjoying CGTrader more and more as time goes by.

Posted almost 4 years ago

noooooooo!!!! I've been working hard to create free models for people to download to rank up, it's not much, but I can still get 20~30 point everyday. now since this update, I'm no longer getting any points. I don't know what I can do now.

riccardo12345 wrote
Try to start to sell them instead of give them away for free. As you said "I've been working hard to create free models for people", hard work should be paid the right price.
whereisjoe wrote
I realized if I share model for free then people will download it. but if I put price on it, nobody buy it. I just want to rand up faster. but anyway, thanks for you advice.
angela-vonwartburg wrote
Well if you don't sell anything then there is no need to rank up, is there? But anyway, maybe the pricing is not right so far? People find your models, so that doesn't seem to be the problem. The quality of the models and the presentation images look good too.
Posted almost 4 years ago

Yes but if you had been following the forums you would know that the people who download free models never buy anything so you wasted your time.

Posted almost 4 years ago

Your last changes are VERY VERY BAD !!! Roughly speaking, It mean that you steal our money !

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