CGTrader Reputation

In any business, reputation is everything. Here at CGTrader we have a reputation for a fair & transparent royalties system and we do our best to give everyone a chance to make the most of 3D modeling. Climbing the ladder of success is a no brainer with these clever shortcuts: grow your reputation to grow your sales!


Share your work and get noticed

  • equals model's priceModel sold
  • equals model's priceMake new purchase
  • equals job's priceJob closed
  • +20ptsNew model upload
  • +20ptsTutorial published
  • +10ptsModel participating in a challenge
  • +5ptsPositive rating after model purchase
  • +5ptsNew follower
  • +5ptsGallery project accepted
  • +3ptsComment on your model, gallery or tutorial
  • +1ptLike of your model, gallery or tutorial
  • -5ptsNegative rating after model purchase

Community Interaction

Be active and engage the community

  • +5ptsNew topic in forum
  • +3ptsNew comment
  • +3ptsReply to topic
  • +3ptsLike of your topic
  • +2ptsCommunity rating with 85% accuracy or more
  • +1ptCommunity rating with 80% accuracy
  • +1ptLike of your comment
  • +1ptLike of a model, gallery or tutorial


Spread the word and invite others

  • +50ptsFirst model upload of your referral
  • +50ptsFirst purchase of your referral
  • +5ptsModel upload of your referral
  • +5ptsPurchase of your referral
  • +3ptsReferral Registration