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Is it possible to make expired / finished jobs to appear at the bottom of the list in My jobs page and not at the top, like it is now? It's really inconvenient when one have to go to the end of the list for most recent jobs.

An option to hide those expired jobs would be even more welcome.


Posted almost 5 years ago

Hello LemonadeCG,

Thank you for notifying! We hope we can fix this soon.



LemonadeCG wrote
That would be awesome!
Posted almost 5 years ago

Hey there,

A little update - your expired/finished jobs should now be at the end of your "my jobs" list.


Eduardas, CGTrader

Posted almost 5 years ago

Hi Eduardas,
although job sorting gets a little bit better, it's still far from perfect. As i understand now they are sorted by expiration date and not by application date. That messes order quite wildly and makes searching pretty hard task.
Ideally, runing jobs should have highest priority and should sit on top of the list, no matter expiration date. Jobs, that i was selected for and successfuly finished should have second high priority. After that should follow pending jobs, waiting for approval. And expired offers should have lowest priority and sit at the bottom of the list.

Hope this make sense and will be improved in the future.

Thak you.

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