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3D Challenge: Abstract Elements

3D Challenge: Abstract Elements

For some 3D artists, visualizing sci-fi or mythical creatures is a more difficult task than building a 3D model of a photorealistic, real-world object. For others the opposite is true. With the new 3D Challenge: Abstract Elements CGTrader is bringing everyone a task that is both complex and easy at the same time. In this challenge we are looking for high quality, realistic models of various shapes and forms found in nature, graphic design or thought-of by people. Not sure where to start? Create a flame, cloud or smoke. Design a top-facing 3D flower, an ornate leave or create an ornamental work like filigree. How about making a decorative frame for use in a surrealistically designed composition. Make a water splash or a crystal. Turn a plain geometric shape into a decorative piece of art or shatter glass, creating a pattern of fractured shards. Put your imagination to work and show us how stunning and interesting 3D can be even when working on simpler objects!
Ends in: 23 days

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panther earrings

Valid until: 2017-12-20

3D Copy

Valid until: 2017-12-17

45 RPM Record

Valid until: 2017-12-20

45 RPM Record

Valid until: 2017-12-20

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