Why is my model missing from the page?

Discussion started by coltpratts

I recently uploaded my new model, and I found that my model is sometimes visible on the page but sometimes disappears.

After a while it appears , and then it disappears again, What's happened ? I am worried that this will affect the visibility of my 3d works.

Please tell me, Thanks !!


Posted 11 months ago

Don’t know exact cause, experience same thing from time to time, usually it all automatically corrects itself within few hours or a day after publishing a new product or updated an existing one. It probably has something to do with how the database progressively updates and catalog the new content.

If images or a product page keep disappearing after a day, then its provably best to inform CGtrader staff about it.

PS: Avoid keep trying to update or re-upload content, it will prolong the problem.

coltpratts wrote
Ok ! I see ~ Thank you for your reply.
Posted 9 months ago

Hey. Who has any sales? They don’t buy anything from me)))

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