Selling / Buying 3D Models

Let’s talk business. With dozens of model categories, both in terms of theme and in quality, there are many questions left unanswered. CGTrader strives to be the best place for designers and customers to trade great CG assets, and this board is the straight-to-the-point discussion zone where you can ask anything about payments, taxes, pricing, undercutting and anything else. Since CGTrader has amassed a great designer community of all experience levels, you will get answers from experienced peers. So, even if you’re just starting out and created your first model, you can find out everything about pricing practices, the inner workings of the 3D marker, or model presentation here. If you are a buyer, you can ask experienced designers or other buyers about models you are thinking of purchasing. Find out if designers are flexible about pricing, and use the Search to find answers to your questions, great tips and general experiences you might be interested in.
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