Whats wrong with the Searchfilter ?

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Hi at all.

I am a little bit upset if i search for one of my models.


What i did is the following.

I klick on VR/Lowpoly Models, klick on Character/Human, then on Man and finaly i checked Rigged.

Result with 128 per page are 4 Pages. Not that much to find my product.


Best Match : My product is on Page 3 of 4 looks ok.

But then it sucks.

Newest : Page 3

My model is published on 2016-09-18 not realy old, but on page 3 ???

There are products shown up that are published 2016-07-18 or 2015-07-20 they are on page one and two

This is a joke isnt it ???

Oldest : Page 4

Looks ok, now only 11 models newer then mine.

Lower Price : Page 4

My price is 49$ but on page 2 it starts with 50$ in the middle of that page.

Why is my model not listed in that area ???

If i scroll through that, it goes up to 122$ then down to 12$ and then it goes up and down with the price.

Come on, another joke ???

Higher Price : Page 4

Come on, why page 4 ?

It begins ok with a high price of 296$ but it wents down on the first page to 5$

Are you kidding me ???

How could it be possible, that my model is always on the last pages no matter if i search for lowest price or highes price?

And why are there some files always in the first pages?

Looks like there is no chance for new members to sell some stuff if the searchfilter is totaly broken or if some members are prefered to be on the first page.

Sorry, for that rant, but i am a little but upset.

Writing that down helps a lot.

Best Regards



Posted about 4 years ago

Hi Cm,

Every filter is collaborated with a variety of factors to judge the quality of a model. I think you're familiar with some of the instructions here:

It's not dependent only on the fact that you're either new or you're not. The quality control team on CGTrader does not have any preference on a picked number of designers and it's dedicated to be as honest and objective as it can be.

I agree there may be some minor inaccuracies - something we'll take a look to clean up and optimize the search system (so thanks for that rant, it IS helpful to us!).

A little tip - if you see that models in front of you may have better quality, try lowering the price of your model just a little bit, improving your works and image quality (some of the artists never stop editing their models, to be honest) and improve the traffic to your models via social channels or forums. There are always a lot of details, wherever you go... :)

If you have any questions on how to improve your visibility, don't hesitate to reach out in the forums (yes, it's not only for ranting, or I would have a haaaaaard time here), there are lots of people who can help you. You can even reach out to me in a PM - I'd gladly ask any question I can myself.

Hope that helps a bit!


Posted about 4 years ago

@cm gameart, you're not ranting, you've raised very valid concerns. I fully agree with you, search filters are badly broken on cgtrader.

Posted about 4 years ago

One of the factors is he has only got 52 views. Views impact how your model gets ranked. Get your family and friends to help increase your views

Posted about 4 years ago

The other factor is that very low poly should only be for models like second life, super mario basiccaly old school game art with very low polys. Your model has 30 000 that is more like mid poly range

Posted about 4 years ago

Cgt should really have a better filtering system with proper poly tiers! Very very low poly should only be for models under 1000. Then very low poly 5000. Low poly 10 000 mid poly 25 to 40 000 then high poly. Else it is just confusing

Posted about 4 years ago

Thanks to all for the replys

I see what you mean. I have no problems to be on the last pages if somebody search for the Best Match or Top Selling. But when somebody search for Lowest Price or Newest, It should be realy in order how the price is set or when it is uploaded and not based on reputation.
It would not change anything if i lower my price to 1$, my model would be still on the last page. That is what sucks.

Anyway, i try to increase my reputation an work harder to climb the ladder up.

Thanks for your tips.
You are right Lowpoly isnt Lowpoly. In a common Game Engine for PC, PS4 or Xbox my models are Lowpoly.
But for mobile games you could never use that model, it is to highpoly.
Anyway, you could filter the polycount, Up to 5k, 5k to 10k, 10k to 50k and so on. I hope that filter is not broken, too. :D

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