How Trending Models Work

Trending models feature the newest top quality models that are recognized by the community and CGTrader staff. Wondering how to make it to the front page? It’s not rocket science. These are the factors that influence the popularity of each model:



Views illustrate the demand for a specific kind of model and is one of the key factors indicating if the model is trending. Hint: be smart about promoting your model page on your personal blog or other websites with backlinks to drive more traffic and generate more views.



Sales is a good quality indicator and can really boost your trending score.


Customer Rating

Making customer feedback your priority is a smart decision. When you receive positive customer rating, your sales score gains a considerably higher value. Negative rating, however, diminishes it, so be sure to focus on customer satisfaction.


Product Attributes

A good start is half of success, so ensure that the models you publish have comprehensive product attributes like extensive model description, price, formats, etc. A good initial trending score, which can help drive both model sales and popularity, depends on that information.

  • ImagesFirst impressions matter. Visuals is the first aspect that a model gets judged upon, so they are key to your sales. We suggest to upload 5 to 20 images per model. The more images you show, the more points you get. Easy.
  • PriceWhen it comes to money, it’s vital to strike a balance and set an adequate price – not too low (that might indicate low quality) and not unrealistically high. Strive to remain in the average price range of the specific category. However, we encourage sellers to publish high quality models in the price range of $50 to $500, since customers are always prepared to pay more for top quality designs.
  • File FormatsEnsuring format diversity is a great way to optimize sales conversion. Try to offer your models in a wide set of the most popular file formats like max, obj, c4d, fbx, etc. Again, the more different files you provide, the more initial points you get.
  • DescriptionOften underrated, this factor can earn a lot of points for you. In-depth product description is the main source of the important technical information that the customer will appreciate. And more importantly, it is the basis for the organic traffic from search engines like Google, which prioritize unique and related content. So bear in mind that the more technical and relevant information you provide, the more points and views your model generates.

CGTrader Rating

Bringing our users and customers the top quality models is our priority and we do our best to give every model an internal CGTrader rating, which plays an important role in product listing.


Publishing Date

Trending models feature the newest top quality 3D content, therefore it’s essential to make sure all of the aforementioned factors are addressed before hitting the publish button. The longer the model is published, the less weight all of the other factors have on the overall score. Typically, the effective time span is the first 5-10 days after publishing.