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What do you do to make your content "stand out"?

What is your best tips and tricks?

What am I doing wrong?

Let's discuss it.

Have a great day!

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Posted about 4 years ago

I do not think you are doing anything wrong. You only have 2 models so that will not get you many views. You might have to make a lot more. I think it helps to show a good range of ability. You do not have to have a model for everything but it is good to hit the main categories. A realistic human which you have, a 3D character but not an exact copy of someone else's work. Then a set of props and at least a vehicle. That should get you on your way. If you make exact copies of others work you risk copyright issues or if you make the perfect Ferrari in your opinion it still may not be as good as some else's and then you won't be able to sell it because others are making better versions of that model and even giving it out for free making all your work pointless.

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