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INSTRUCTOGRAPHICS: Boost your sales with simple techniques!

December 7th, 2015

INSTRUCTOGRAPHICS: Boost your sales with simple techniques!

Most of us marketing people (that includes you too, 3D designers!) are always looking to find some ways to attract customers and make our product look as good as it actually is (you do believe in your product, don't you?). It's like our own little children we have to take through the baby steps of growing and making their own lives.

Well, this time we've got a good one for you - Instructographics on how to increase your 3D model sales! We've created a little list from our latest research with some tips on how to pitch your products. Let's call it a Christmas gift, shall we? Oh, and don't forget - the comments section is for you to share your own gifts with fellow designers!

INSTRUCTOGRAPHICS: Boost your sales with simple techniques! 1


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iterateCGI wrote
Great info graphic, I definitely need to work on some of those things ;-)
Fawncat wrote
great tips i'll fallow them, for now i will erase my entire gallery, my models are not good enough for sale, i did realise this under my own judgment, for now ill put my models for more cheap as admissed here, before erase them all, my new you begins slowlly, i'd leaen a lot off new tricks, for made models so much better than what i used to do.
whereisjoe wrote
that is some very good advice, thank you, I will keep that in mind.
Tomations wrote
This is incredibly helpful, I will certainly take these into consideration and make some changes to my gallery.
techlevel wrote
Create Twitter/Facebook account - good idea)
DavidCrupp wrote
да, интересно...
navod3d wrote
It's worth reading it!
autumntailor wrote
we need a social program for chaining all sites . like this map . create a site (wordpress good for start) and link all social sites facebook . twitter . instagram . pintrest . like a city . important is site for being the middle point of city and direct contact to us .
gajkmusaev wrote
яман тюгюл сатувларым юрулардыр