Request for number of different Marble Socles , printing quality.

Discussion started by metronomedesigns

Hi there,

We need 3D models, 6 different shapes of Marble Socles

Each one needs to be done in number of components for our further modification.

(We use pay-pal)

Send us your best price, thanks


Posted over 4 years ago

cool, but I suggest you to create also a "3d job" using cgt system!


metronomedesigns wrote
not sure how that works, is there a link to it?
asanna wrote
Yes, up there in the main menu there is a '3d jobs' Button, you can choose post 3d Jobs and create your offer
Posted about 4 years ago

Was this ever posted as a job and removed or you got someone else to do it ?

connorwilding wrote
It was never posted as an actual 3d job but i worked with them until they stopped responding to my emails. Unsure if they were working with other artists too.
Posted about 4 years ago

still need it done ?

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