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Customer is asking for product support on my "Tissue box 3D model".

The question stated: "Just one question: How you get the the tissues paper in?"

So I was wondering what an earth would this mean. So I asked him to clarify the question or send a screen shot of his problem.

"Hmmm, I actually don't know what picture I should send you. You offer a print of a tissue box and I wonder how I get the actaul smal paper tissues into your tissue box. I hope my question ist understandabe...."

Now I do not advertise this model to be 3D printable in any way. Does CG Trader make customers to understand that something like this is actually 3D print ready model which this , for god heavens.. is not.

I wonder what should I tell him?


Posted about 1 year ago

You should probably tell him that it's not a model made for 3D printing.

Posted about 1 year ago

Hi there,

Thanks for raising your concerns.

For further information please, contact us here


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yaschan wrote
For situations like this it would be helpful to have contributor only forum.

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