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One of my first uploads, thank you for any advice, have a pleasant day.


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Great scan. I would suggest offering a lower poly version and baking those extra details in the normal/height textures. I dont see much from the description

- is it quad polygons only?
- do you offer different LOD versions? 1000 polygon, 3000 polygon, ultra high resolution (current polygon count)?
- is it PBR textures? Im curious did you do the material capture as well for the specular extraction, height extraction & pure albedo?

I think if you can cover these you will have a good workflow for photogrammetry capture to real-time models.

FYI I also sell some photogrammetry models and usually capture them in a diffuse/softbox environment. I have ordered some lights and polarising filters to do the material capture correctly for the next set and I think would be useful for future proofing your content. My 2cents.

meshchef wrote
Thanks 3DCargo! It's a triangle mesh, but quad is possible to do if needed. I don't offer LOD versions, but decimation works well on this model, I can provide LODs if there's demand. Diffuse map is captured with soft lighting, and further deshadowed in post-processing.
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Yes I figured from the 400k+ triangles that it is the raw capture. I found that using zbrush to remesh to 15k poly count usually keeps the silhouette shape nicely and reduces the polygon count massively while providing quad topology (depending on the object ofcourse). You can then re-project the texture 360degrees and bake all the height/normal detail from there. It takes an extra 30 minutes but can be massively beneficial for small objects like accessories. For items this small you can imagine that can slow the scene down and saves the artist from having to proxy and hope they dont run out of ram at some point, unless its the focal point of course (which is why I think providing LODs is a good idea). Anyway just my thoughts, I'm sure it will sell well since the quality is great. Keep up the good work!

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I'd definitely consider offering a low poly version. As 3dCargo mentioned, Zbrush is a fantastic tool for this process. You can easily remesh the high poly with Zremesher and then project the details with displacment and normal maps. There is definitely a market for raw scans, but offering a low poly solution in addition to the raw will increase sales. Doesn't need to be game-ready low poly, but something relatively light will be very useful in a variety of projects. Good luck!

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Thank you I really appreciate the feedback.

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