Is selling of our model dependent on the reputation?

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Is selling of our model dependent on the reputation?

Does reputation influance at all at the selling of your first model or does it only influence the search result? I mean I can wait years before I sale my first model at this rate :)  


Posted over 5 years ago

I think that what is even more important is that when you do sell something and something goes wrong or the client isn't satisfied you need to respond immediately even if there isn't anything wrong with it and it is a glitch that is happening on their end.

Response time on your account is really important and one of my biggest mistakes I made was not to check frequently enough, (Also because I wasn't selling for a really long time) so the day I actually did sell I replied too late, (Possibly even a couple days after) and that really affects your later sales and reputation...

Posted over 5 years ago

Hi suckervajs,

Don't worry, your reputation doesn't affect the sales or positions of your models in the search or listing results. Reputation affects only your level and royalty rate:

Important factors for the positions and sales are:
- The quality of your models, we inspect models and rate them accordingly.
- How much sales your model makes, it shows whether and how customers value your products.
- Views of your product page, it shows the demand of your models (you can work on this one by yourself, by promoting on your blog or other related websites - external links will boost your Google positions and drive customers to your product pages)
- Responsiveness (response rate and time) and customer feedback (positive/negative ratio)

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