Are the prices of my models too high for my work?

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Im not very new at this page.

But selled only one mesh in a half year.

so my question is if the prices are too high or the quality to low.

i love making meshes. And making money with thinks i like would be amazing.

thanks for helping and sorry for bad english. :)


Posted over 2 years ago

No they are priced too low. The models are fully textured rendered etc... under 5 dollars should only be for models of poor quality or that are un rendered and do not have u.v mapping. You should raise your prices

GeomeTree wrote
thank you for the answer. but how does i get higher selling rates?
Posted over 2 years ago

Hi Vitrox,
I'm new in this whole thing of selling models, but I can give you some notes:
- I think overall the quality of the models is good.
- You have only 4 models, and the competition in furniture models is big. So if anyone comes in searching for a chair or a sofa, they have a lot to choose from, so the probability of them choosing one of your models is very low, even if they are good quality and cheap. If they see another good and cheap chair, they will buy it without even having seen yours.
- Some of your renders look grainy, and that gives the impression of bad quality, even if the model itself is good. Remember, presentation is very important too.
- Some of your models don't have wireframes images, thats also a problem.
- As an example, your "Couch 3D model" says it is 325.000 polys, thats way too much! even for a highpoly. You can have a nice looking highpoly sofa with much less polygons. Always try to think about your buyer, even if they are working in a production that can handle large amounts of polygons, everyone prefers to keep the polycounts efficient.

I hope it helps :)

madefun3d wrote
In conclusion, I think is not about the pricing, don't expect a magic formula to sell more only with the models you have. You need to make more, and better. The quality is good, but sometimes good is not enough, you need to make GREAT models!
GeomeTree wrote
thank you very much for your tips. i will try to make wireframe images. less polygons. better images and try making other models than furniture.
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The whole architecture/furniture market is very saturated. If you want to sell in this area, try making models that pops out, new designs or big collections.

You can navigate in the website and see what others did to get inspiration, if you see 100 similar chairs, there is no point on uploading another copy.

GeomeTree wrote
well that is true :)
Posted over 2 years ago

Biggest problem with your collection is that your models are very simple. Buyers won't see value in such models. For any moderately skilled person it would take less time to model something like that, than to search it on the stock markets. Even if you'd increase your collection to hundred models of similar quality / complexity, your sales would still remain low. It is true that for any significant increase in sales you have to have bigger collection (at least 50 models), but at the same time it is very important to increase value of your models. Quality over quantity. For example look at this seller: he has only 21 model in his store, but i can bet that he's not complaining about sales at all ;] Quality sells, quantity helps.

Posted over 2 years ago

Wow those are pretty spectacular!

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