It seems to me that these models are stolen

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Posted about 1 month ago

Yes, all models are stolen and all profiles will be deleted.


Posted about 1 month ago

In general, regarding thieves, both small and larger like this one (for example) or, etc. all needed information already has been collected and sent to CGT Support Team. Profiles will be banned. There are many more profiles with 3-5 stl stolen models, but also everything is known about them, so don’t worry.

chtazi wrote
chtazi wrote
Hi these stores are still not deleted, I wrote support, sent another list of stores with stolen 3d products, but the administration does not respond, then I started recording how many new accounts this dude opens per day, here is the result
Posted about 1 month ago

chtazi thanks for the links, but I already know about this.

Do you have doubts about the work of CGT Support Team?

OK, here is a partial list of already banned profiles:

Relevant3D wrote
If my models are including Image textures setups basically took from another uploaded model, is there any issues about stolen content? (roughness displacement base color and metallic maps)
jaguarbeastproduction wrote
Yes of course, and It doesn't matter whether you distribute these models for free or not.
Stavya wrote
Thanks for protecting us CGT :)
Posted about 1 month ago
JhonnyA wrote
Welcome to the future...
Relevant3D wrote
Relevant3D alright so then prove me this dude isnt using any ai models available online because he's in the top 3 artists since today and to me, none of these models are worth theses prices
Posted about 1 month ago

i'm stuck between such a huge thanks or asking you what kind of brain dead giga chad mothesucka you are?

Posted about 1 month ago

why did you think like that?

chtazi wrote
Google photos of the models and see for yourself

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