Bought model stated suitable for 3D-print, yet has defects. What level of perfection can be expected?

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I bought a model; as a gift for my buddy who I have done the misfortune in getting into 3D-prinitng. He absolutely loves that car, and thought it would be a great challenge for him to get printed. He will have to slice it up and optimize for support etc. However, when we examined the model in detail there was a huge amount of discrepancies. Uneven surfaces, bumby geometry, inverted normals etc.

I have messaged the designer about it, trying to sort this but now it has been a week without reply, and new models have been added in his gallery since. I would like to give the designer a shot at sorting the flaws before I leave the review I am being prompted to complete after the purchase.

At what level can you claim a model to be 3D-printable?
I'd say, if I was to claim it, I'd see to that all meshes were solid at least. Then that the details would print at its current scale, and not contain geometrical flaws. Then, as a bonus, I'd see to that its optimized for print by dividing it into suitable parts, oriented for ease and less support.

My main question here; am I in the right thinking this should be expected, or am I just being a whining bastard?

Got some screen grabs of the discrepancies mentioned in a g-drive folder here:


Posted 29 days ago

Email and ask for a refund because that's definitely not a 3d printable model.
And if you want any other model from his a "portfolio" and you have some basic 3d skills just google its name with "3D model" and you will find it somewhere for free.

BTW you need to use your common sense when buying something here next time.

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