3D Printing

3D printing is the future, right? We want to see people printing everything from houses to boardgame models! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hardware enthusiast, feel free to discuss everything from 3D printing outlets, design software or models, 3D print news and hardware improvements here. Talk about materials, college and university courses, your startups and everything in between. We welcome your hardware reviews and want you to post images of your finished prints. Fascinating nano-printing experiments, 3D printing in space and every other discussion enriches this forum greatly, so do not hesitate to post about every detail of the 3D printing industry. Upvote the best posts and comments to help others know who are the best contributors to the conversation. 3D printer hacks and improvements are what we live for, and our office 3D printer is heating up just from thinking about experimental projects (yes, it does that on its own). Show off any biomechanical prints, funny prints, printing fails and coolest things you made or found on the net.
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