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I am new to 3D scanning. I have failed trying to scan with iphone. Whenever the program gets to "DepthMap", it crashes. My a slr or through the lens camera best or should I consider a depth camera? I am using Meshroom for the mesh. It has been frustrating



Posted 4 months ago

For one, meshroom is frustrating. I have used both reality capture and meshroom and reality capture is much easier to use overall and probably 100x faster.

Regarding your iphone, are you using some 'pro' mode? What I mean: is your exposure, white balance, shutter, fstop and iso in a locked position or do these change per shot? My recommendation is keep them locked entirely and move the object on a lazy Susan. Excuse my naivety I have never owned an iphone.

Secondary yes a DSLR is much better especially if the software recognizes the camera and the lens this way it can auto remove distortion. This doesnt mean you need 'raw' photos, jpg is fine (in fact better for computation speed) however I say this because I know how to manually control the settings on a DSLR so if you can do the same with your phone, and the software can remove distortion it should be ok.

Lastly, it took me about 6,000 photos and about 2 weeks of daily practice and different setups until I found one that worked well for me. The best setup for me is a black clad background, black clad lazy Susan and nice diffuse lighting (overcast/softbox) to get the images stable. Black clad = black fabric with very little reflection, this way you dont need to do any masking and less cleanup. If you also plan on capturing the bottom section you will need to flip the object 90 degrees and do the whole process again, 360 degrees of photos front level, 360 degrees top level looking down, 4 degrees rotation per photo does a good job. You can then stitch the two captures together to capture the object 360 degrees using markers or if you did a good job with the photos it should do it automatically.

Yamato3d wrote
Thanks for the tip on reality capture. Meshroom experience wasn't that great.
Posted 4 months ago

Meshroom crashing has nothing to do with the camera you're using. Try to update your graphics card drivers, see if there's crash report, or minidump, analyse it and search for clues in google. Almost any camera is suitable for photogrammetry, but as 3DCargo already said, some of them will give you much better results and will be easier to control.

Posted 4 months ago

BTW, if you don't shoot many photos, then give a try to Zephyr 3D free, it is far superior over Meshroom in all regards.

Posted about 2 months ago

I also had given a try to meshroom and had failed misserably! Not even completed the computation. I don't know what was the case, The photos were taken with an iPhone SE and after uploading them, meshroom correctly identified the phone on the camera settings. Probably poor conditions of environment maybe. Anyway I was so frustrated that never got back for a second chance :(

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