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Hi All

I recently purchased a model to print, I have downloaded the files and transferred them to a SD card so as to insert into my printer to print, problem is my printer does not read the codes, when i put the SD card into my computer it shows the codes are there, Any help would be appreciated



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Recommend that you move this query, or write it again in the "3D Printing" topic area. Please also include the name (make or model) of your printer. And include the file format of the model that you downloaded. Without this minimal bit of information, none of use can help.

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You should read up on how to use your printer. STLs are not directly printable and must be put through a slicer compatible with your printer. The sliced files are the instructions your printer needs to print the files, not the models themselves and that is what should be on your SD card.

dapperdave-1d06da wrote
I do know how to use my printer and completed at least 50 models, i currently use Creality cura slicer programme, and have had no such problems until i purchased the recent one from Cgt, My printer model is Creality CRS 10 pro,
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From your explanation, it sounded like you downloaded the STLs and directly transferred them to an SD card. Does your model slice correctly? As jaguarbeastproduction says below, ensure the file names are not too long, or have special characters. What happens on the printer? Does the bed and nozzle heat up? When you open the model in CURA, save it, but don't over-right the file, but save it as another file name. On occasion, errors appear in STLs, but CURA can sometimes fix those errors by recreating the file. If that fails, get Meshmixer (it's free). Meshmixer has an STL fixing tool that finds and corrects errors in STLS. If that fails, see if a friend has a 3D printer, and see it they can print it.
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Hello there,

Maybe your file names are too long.
It might also be worth updating the firmware.


Posted about 1 month ago

Thanks for all the help guys, problem sorted now, as someone suggested my printer will only read will only read Alphabet and numbers,

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