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Hi there, is there a way to look for certain author in cgtrader market? i know if i have some asset that i can click on its author to see his works, but if i do not have any asset and want to search for certain author(or know part of his/her name) i do not know how to do it?


Posted 11 days ago

Step #1 - Try to find one product by the author you want.
If you have an asset by that author, try to locate that asset again.
fF you don't have an asset by the author, or cannot remember the name of the asset, just do a search of products with the most likely name.
Step #2 - After having located one product by the author you are seeking, you'll see the name of the author that built the product on the right-hand side panel, about one-thrid down, in bold black type. Click on that author's name.

Clicking on the name of the author of a product will take you to a page showing all of the products by that author.

DarkDesiresSoft wrote
i cant locate any product. its strange that we cannot search directly by author name. even stranger that if i search through my bought item i can write author name and it found items by it.
Posted 11 days ago

If you know the sellers full username you can write it in the url right after .. like
If you know only part of the username go here and in the top left in the first dropdown select designer name you can search by (part of) sellers name.

DarkDesiresSoft wrote
First dropdown on top left is Category, on the left is normal search field which do not search even by full name. then skills dropdown, then Software. could you please send screen which area are you talk about ? :)
IndieArt wrote
Click on the "Category" dropdown and choose "Designer name" and insert designer name or part of his name in the search field and click "Search" button.

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