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Hi everyone

Recently I encounter a problem when trying to download my sales reports

I press "Generate report", follow the provided link in the mail sent and nothing happens just a blank page.

It is just me or no?


Resolved, for some reason chrome didn't work


Posted 13 days ago

Same here :(

nacl wrote
I found a some sort of a solution. In Chrome open Inspect panel, select network tab. Reload this "blank" page. Find sales_report.csv and open it in a new tab. https://ibb.co/YTfWdP7
Posted 13 days ago

I don't even get an e-mail. I hope this will be fixed ASAP, i need the sale reports every month.

CGPitbull wrote
I get email... but when I open the link its blank.. tested with chrome / opera / firefox
LemonadeCG wrote
Update: the e-mail came up with ~30 minutes delay and it is working - i was able to download sales report.

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