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I know it's lots of work but figured I would suggest it anyway. Some times I'm left wondering what sells well on this site and right now I'm left with my own sales statistics to try and gauge and I suppose top models to a lesser extent. So I was thinking it would be helpful to sellers to have some statistics available to them (even basic ones that are hopefully easier to implement)

This would just be another tab at the top of your dashboard

Simple things like top search terms would give sellers an idea of the sites identity and help direct us in what kind of things to make. Obviously going outside those statistics is helpful for variety. you don't want to be a site that only sells X thing but I feel artists branch out naturally anyway. If I see the top search term for the week/day/month is military. I have a good idea that maybe my next piece should be something in that range even if the demand for that halts later, I know it's something that is looked for on this site.

Top selling models. right now there is some guess work. I know there is trending, top, etc. but a simple stat page from my dashboard that just tells me "these are the top selling models/top selling designers" etc. would also give me a good idea of what I could be making to not only benefit myself as a seller but CGT as a business.

Like I said, I know these are larger tasks but I think even basic search info would be benificial to your sellers. Thanks!


Posted almost 7 years ago

Well, did you get the answer you wanted or the one you expected??? :-)))

You get an 'A' for effort.

Honestly, I can't see a valid reason for not providing top SELLERS, top SOLD models or making 'Trending' mean "Who's buying what now?" The current stats are kind of insignificant, unless you're really a keener about rising through the ranks by virtue of your likes and looks.

Posted almost 7 years ago

CGT seems to go through posts about once or twice a month from the activity I've seen from them. I don't know how many people are working there but I know they are running the challenges etc. as well which I'm sure is all time consuming.

But as for the concept. They actually seem to have a lot of this data already. Just presented poorly. If you go into the search box it does show top searches, you have top designers and models etc. that info is clearly kept and, in some ways, shown to us albeit hard to hunt down. I think the business end just needs to be thought out a little more. Everyone here wants to successfully sell so it only makes sense we get the data that seems to already be here presented and organized in a way that is meaningful to a creator.

Posted almost 7 years ago

Hi guys,

Thanks for your feedback! We definitely will take into consideration your ideas.

For now I can offer you reading our infographic about:

- 3D print-ready model sales:
- CG model sales:

Some time has passed since those infographics were published, so we are working on updating them.

Have a great day!


Posted almost 7 years ago

Hi Neringa,

It was the info graphic on Best Selling 3D Model Categories and in particular, the standings for the Architectural Exterior category that convinced me to sign on with CG Trader. It provided a ballpark for pricing models and deciding which category seems to have the most sales activity.

I think a similar chart showing sales volume - units sold - per term (month/quarter/year) would be helpful, along with what grumpntug has proposed.

Posted almost 7 years ago

Hi grumpntug,
LOL! I'm seeing 'free nude sexy' as the first three Top Search Queries in the Architectural Exterior Historic 3D Models category. :-)

It's a reflection of site-wide searchs, rather than category-specific, I guess. I think Top Search Queries is an indicator, though. I won't be designing 'free nude sexy' models any time soon, so I won't be able to cash in on this lucrative opportunity. ;P

Posted almost 7 years ago

Hahaha yeah the free nude sexy market is always booming I'm sure but possibly additional search info would be helpful. maybe search results that lead to sales etc.

Posted almost 7 years ago

I just did a search for 'free nude sexy'. Only 16 models were returned. A search for 'nude sexy' returns 236 models in the character category, plus 7 cars, 2 furniture and 1 sports model!!!

LOL! I'm going to assume at least a few designers have figured out that tagging with the most popular search criteria might boost views and if they flag their models as 'adult content', then viewers won't know until they take a peek.

Ah, so it looks like Renderosity, Poser and DAZ customers are looking for a little action on the side. Just 16 'free nude sexy' babes is all they'll find here. I wonder if they actually buy models or if they're....'just looking'. I also wonder what the site-wide views to models sold ratio is.

I think for me, to keep expectations in line with the reality, I'm going to consider this site as a great place to store my portfolio, cos I'm not doing 'free nude sexy'.

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