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INFOGRAPHIC: Exclusive Data on How to Sell 3D Models

October 17th, 2014

INFOGRAPHIC: Exclusive Data on How to Sell 3D Models

This is a big time for us all, as we enter the magical realm of big data. We had a few busy months crunching data, trying to make sense of all the tips & tricks and industry secrets. Finally, we have something really cool to show you! This is your shortest way to becoming a best-selling 3D artist.

For the first time in our history, we're sharing with you this exclusive data that will help you maximize your chances for success and reap the benefits of your fantastic modeling skills. What models sell best? How to price your models to grow your sales? What 3D modeling categories are top selling? How to sell 60% more models? What are the best practices of showcasing your work? Free sample models - what's the game here? It's time to turn your talent into profit.

Keep calm & sell your 3D models!

INFOGRAPHIC: Exclusive Data on How to Sell 3D Models   1


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MarbleDoll3D wrote
I am so grateful for this information, It will be very useful for my next 3d project selection! But,it would be so nice if CGTrader told us more about what is selling better. Whether Low-poly models focusing on video-game consoles or Hires models for motion graphics, etc. Thanks
joey-blendernut wrote
Wow, amazing chart!!! :D Will be using this very soon! :D
Dalia wrote
Good idea MarbleDoll3D! We'll take that into account going forward.
hermann-fleischmann wrote
That`s great, thx thx thx! But unfotunatley I havnt`t got the e-guide for subscribing. Is it possible, if you send it to my email adress? ( Thanks
davidedwards-me wrote
Lame! no e-guide in my email! ... seems like a quick con to me!
cardac wrote
I filled in your form ten hours ago, but I haven't received any e-guide...
VanishingPoint wrote
This is a great chart. Thanks for making it available. I think too many sellers think they'll get a best selling product simply by listing it for $10 without thinking about any other factors. Though I wonder about the "number of sales images" chart. Who has time to make 35-39 images, especially of a character or building? How does someone make the images unique? I would also suggest you add a disclaimer that says something like: Just because "character/ human" are the top sellers, this doesn't guarantee that a given product will become a best seller. The products that sell the most have a combination of all the factors shown on the page: they're high-quality, they have a fair price (meaning not $10), they have a large number of sales images, they may have a 3D preview, and they may come from a seller who has over 100 models in their catalog. So, this means that John New Merchant shouldn't expect his first product to become a best-seller just because he's uploading a human figure.
nbendala wrote
Thanks for the chart. I filled in the form several times, but I didn't received your guide. I tried with Firefox and IE just in case. Could you please send it to my email adress?
jb-daguene wrote
Hi! We are finalising the e-guide but no worries your email is on the list. You should receive it early next week! Nevertheless you should have received a notification confirming your request. Thanks for letting us know we'll fix this asap. All the best, JB
Dalia wrote
Good idea about the disclaimer John, we'll take that into account!
DinosaursAndThenSome wrote
I've been occupied with another project, though, at some point, I do plan on getting back to modeling, animating, and selling my models. I do have to wonder, though, have I been underpricing my models?
hermann-fleischmann wrote
Hi, I don`t wanna be annoying, But when will the e-guide finnaly be done?
pisarevg wrote
Fine analitic!
jb-daguene wrote
Hi Herman! The e-guide was published few weeks ago. You should have it in your mailbox :)
salexniks2 wrote
Very usefull analitic!
DUST wrote
its fresh info?
sc3DD wrote
Thank you so much, its an old post but can be helpful today!
spacenerdonline81 wrote
i beg to differ, the only people selling anything on this site as far as characthers/vehicles/photorealistic assets are high end profesional modelers/sellers who are out of ideas so they prowl our profiles and make awesome versions of our stuff. They dont buy your model, they just look at the previews copy your model ( except twith their skill it look 10 times better) and they get to sell and make the money that should be in your pocket. Other than that kitbash sets of 300+parts is what sells here and those are intended for cheap lazy people who wont buy not even hardops/boxcutter in blender, everything else sells once every 6-10 months at best. Also what actually works even better than "getting good and copying lower tier people's stuff" is to privately message random people and ask them to like your models , the more likes you rack on that model the higher up you goon the list, nobody wants to click on page 15 to buy your model. you need to be in the first three pages for the category of your item because after three page clicks the buyer is most likely to tweak his search term.
Very good, but i think CGT has to re-update its post to 2023 trends