Zbrush VDM Brush - 35 Cloth & Cushions Brush with Ztool

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Sculpting cloth a cushion details has never been easier! This multi-alpha VDM brush will help you create detailed cloth folds, wrinkles, tufting, and realistic cushions instantly on just about any subdivided mesh!

  • 35 cloth folds, wrinkles, tufts, and cushion designs in one multi-alpha VDM brush.

  • Includes highly detailed cushion 3d alphas for fast iteration of furniture models.

  • ZTL Ztool of all 35 models also included!

  • Quickly and easily create wrinkles and folds in cloth, chesterfield tufting, and cushions!

  • All 3d alphas were generated with 6 levels of subdivision

  • Works with Zbrush 2019.1 or higher.

Commercial use of the brush alphas is permitted but the alphas or brushes themselves can not be resold or redistributed in any way.


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