Why there is no big market for Autodesk Revit products?

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i've noticed over two years that there is no sellers designing their 3d designs on Revit, espechaly Architectural models, it's either free furniture or simply stollen free 3d designs.

while in reality Autodesk Revit is very popular in the industry especially the Architectural Version of it


Posted over 1 year ago

Revit is popular in the Arch design industry but is very niche in terms of CG overall. When selling models on CGTrader or other generalized model websites, it's important that sellers offer models in software which not only has a large user base but also support for a wide variety of file formats. I don't use Revit, but it would appear that it doesn't support many 3d file format types outside of its own native formats and a few other CAD file formats. Fortunately, generalized 3d software like Blender or 3dsmax does support exporting models in DXF, DWG, DWF and other CAD compatible file formats that Revit can import and use. I could be wrong, but I think 3dsmax also has direct Revit scene file support transfer, so you could request any seller of .max files to convert the file into a Revit compatible format.

Posted over 1 year ago

I looked it up real quick, and indeed Autodesk has direct interoperability between Revit and 3dsmax 2018 or higher, but it only allows you to read Revit native scene files inside 3dsmax, not the other way around. 3dsmax would need to export DWG scene files as I mentioned above to convert models into something Revit can use.

c-m wrote
Thanks for your comment, I have started selling some of my revit models and I have also noticed that there's not many people selling revit models (and i assume very few people buys them) :/ Revit is a very specific software to architecture and identify the things you model as arch components (like walls, windows, door types etc.) , unlike rhino or sketchup, where you can edit whatever you import, from revit you can only use it as a reference to build on top (eg. a plan in 2D). But I think revit has good interoperability with the most popular rendering engines, including unreal, vray so technically an rvt model can be used by anyone that needs to render a scene or smth like that.

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