Why I can not sell my models.

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Don’t you know why my models are selling so low. 1 or 9 are sold per month. very slow.

Some people’s 3d models sell out fast. Their models are just like mine.

You can see my models: https://www.cgtrader.com/virtual-world


Posted 4 months ago

Are you sure the market for your works is not over-exposed? The other factor can be the style of the models or the style of the textures. Your models have a certain style to them, that can be not very popular among buyers at this time.

Posted 4 months ago

1. Overcrowded market.
2. "Competing" with "modelbombers" (the ones who posts 100+ models per day).
3. Unfair or stupid algorithms on the platform that are periodically changied by platform owners and gives no chances to get more model views or to convert that views to sales. (for example i've got falling in sales more than twice last monts after the last "site improvements").
4. Seasonal fluctuations of the demand.

Shortly: it's so called "gig-economy" and it's "sweet and beautiful" only in paid advertising, but in real life its only starving and disappointment.

Posted 4 months ago

Couple of suggestions Virtual World...

1. You make mostly furniture and that is a very competed market, if you wanna keep doing that, at least consider making very recognizable models (Design Icons) with a higher level of complexity

2. Consider making other kind of models, I make 5 different types of models

3. Make the models thinking what people actually want (do searches for the models that sell the most) instead of only your likes and your experience.

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