why dont the buyers rate my models?

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Ive already sold a few models but none of the buyers have left a rating, which makes me a little unsure. are my models not good? should I write to the buyer and ask or not? Hm.... Enrico


Posted about 2 months ago

They will come with time. I have only two reviews on a model I've sold over twenty times.,
If your models were no good you would probably get a negative rating, so hang in there. :)

TazMan2000 wrote
That's for sure. I agree .
Posted about 2 months ago


The fact that you already have sales with such an amount of models is already evidence that everything is fine with them.
Everything will definitely be, ratings, likes, comments, if you continue to upload the same good-quality models.
If you want to get a lot of ratings faster, you should probably create something that would cause a wow effect, either due to complexity or originality.


Posted about 2 months ago

I have only got reviews if there had been some communication between me and the buyer. Example if there was a problem and I sorted it out. Also when a buyer comes with a price offer. I accept the offer and writing back to the customer: OK if you leave a review (Not everybody does that eventually).

I have often thought about write to every one who buy from me about a review, but I am too shy to do it.

And also sometime: No news is good news.

Posted about 2 months ago

Thank you for the answers Enrico

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