Why are some of my models on sale and some not?

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I've been on CGT for about 10 months now, and I'm constantly confused about how the sale prices work. As far as I know, the only control I have is over all models at once, but the models in my shop are all in different levels of sale. Some are not on sale, some on the default 30%, some are on the event price 40%. I don't really mind, I'd just like to know more about why this is. Is it some kind of automatic algorithm? Is there something I should be doing? Is it just getting lost in the tubes? Anyone know?


Posted 8 months ago

i think it's automatic algorithm. Your models that dont sell as well as others get a bigger loyalty discount (but not event sales discount).

Posted 8 months ago

Might be due to price as well.

AcetheSuperVillain wrote
A lot of them that are different sales points are the same price. i.e. all the basemesh files are the same price, but the dragon basemesh is 40% off and the gryphon basemesh is 30% off.

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