When do I receive my money??

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I just sold my first model. Today is 20th and I'm suppose to receive my money through paypal, my I haven't. Can anyone help me with this??

I live in India.


Posted about 1 month ago

If you sold the model on this month (June), you'll receive the payment next month in Julay. You can go to your profile's my sales section and look at payments information tab.

Posted about 1 month ago

I sold my model on 2019-05-26, according to my sales tab. So since it was the previous month(May), I should have received my money yesterday(20th June).
I did not receive my money!!
can anyone help ???

LemonadeCG wrote
Payments not always occurs on 20th of the month, it may land for you few days earlier or few days later. I think it's too early to panic. Meanwhile you can check payment agreement status in your profile settings. Make sure it is verified and your payment method is set to either paypal or payoneer. If you still feel that something is not right, just contact support directly and they should solve your issues. Forum is not the best place to deal with that kind of problems.
Posted about 1 month ago

okaay thanks

Posted 27 days ago

But I still did not receive the money.

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