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Please tell me how to raise the number of profile views?



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Why would you want more profile views?
More profile views in itself does not contribute that much you know.
Sales contributes the most to better ranking, more views, rep. points, etc.

Anyways, you can get some more views using things like Pinterest, instagram, Behance, post in Facebook groups, Artstation, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. (Given you have some eye catching stuff) Publishing something for free can also boost some traffic but as I said, more profile views has relatively little impact, it will not increase sales or give reputation points or whatever.

CGtrader is an advanced platform with lots of tools and filters, the platform gets a diverse crowd of around 4.5 million visitors per month, use the build in tools and analytics to get insight about these users (get to know what they want) and combine it with good skills to make things at the sweet spots and you will have no problems getting the views and sales.

For example when you model an iPhone and publish it, no matter how good it is you will get on page 40 or something and get no views or sales (unless you provide it for 2 dollars and someone filters for 2 dollar offerings).

But take for example a simple 3D spiderweb model, there are just a few models of those available so your listing will immediately get on the single page that comes up when someone types spiderweb, in effect you will most certainly get a view and probably even a sale and some profile visit.

But how many people are asking for spiderwebs?
Analytics tool can reveal that and more.

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