Strange Rolyalty System

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Hi, i wondering about the royalty system here. mostly on car selling. its often that my cars were sell at half or 2/3 of the origin price. when i click on the sells page there is only 1-2 percent discount on it. but on the private selling page, there was the car sell for half or 2/3 of price, after tax and cgtrader royalty, i only getting 1/3 of the money, so royalty near Turbosuid. i wondering what discount or lifetime discount is applying on the price. would be cool to see it on the private sales page. without that its like losing money. at the end we make the sell. but its still feel bad not to no what discount was apply on.


Posted almost 4 years ago

Probably you see miniscule discount because you have only few loyalty credits and thus your supposed discount is very small compared to average price of your models, whereas your buyers might have been accumulated much bigger amounts of credits and get full blown discounts. Also let's not forget rather frequent and long lasting sales events when everybody has chance to buy your models 30-50% cheaper. Unfortunatelly, as you already noticed My Sales page doesn't show neither how mbig discount was used nor what program was used to obtain a model at a discounted price.

IIRC Eduardas or somebody else from CGT team said that they would want to adress this isue sometime in the future. Let's hope it won't take too long.

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