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I hope you like it, You can see star wars things, a gas station, a horse a volkswagen car, spaceships...


Posted 3 months ago

I would recommend increasing the price of that gas station. It looks like a good model, and I'm sure it took a while to create. Everyone thinks that lower prices will translate to higher sales volume and more money, but that is almost never really the case. If you make a sale for $5, you could have probably made that same sale for $10 and had double the profit. I wouldn't go less than $10 for that type of model, but that's only my opinion.

Also, just a word of caution: If you are going to sell the gas station model as a 3d printable asset, it is important that you include dimensions of the model in your description and tell potential buyers what the minimum thickness tolerance of the pieces are. As you know, 3d printing requires certain specifications that most people are looking for when they purchase models for printing. If you do not include these specific details in your description, you will probably not get as many sales for that model. This is especially true for complex models like that gas station. At first glance, someone might think it is not a printable model and seems more suited for game assets or props.

Your work looks interesting, and I wish you very much success!

HQ3DStudio wrote
I have no idea what from luxxeon get the $10 price. I do not know actually what the model should be to evaluate it for $10. but the models I see definitely deserve more.
HQ3DStudio wrote
ainaritxu14 Don't worry and up your prices. $2-5-10 models is, to put it mildly, simple boxes.
luxxeon wrote
@HQ3DStudio I did not say it is worth $10. It was priced at $5 and listed in her 3d printing category when I posted. I simply suggested that it is worth more than the current price and $10 would be a minimum. I never evaluate anyone's model or tell them what the price should be. The users of this forum are mostly all creators, so when you post a model here it is usually to gain some feedback.

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