Seller's Experience: The Most Effective Way To Increse Your Sales

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Hey, guys! 

I am quite sure that success can be reached through the knowledge and it comes with the experience. So, most of you are selling your 3D models in various marketplaces for quite long period of time. Trading platforms are different: distinct rules, goal, philosophy, royalties, community. Nevertheless, all of you may already have some personal achievements in increasing the sales. Some designers ensure their sales by presenting extremely professional models and that's enough to convince lots of buyers to purchase. Other sellers may play by providing detailed descriptions, quite low prices and excellent support. 

I, as community manager, everyday receive lots of emails, asking for the best strategy to help to sell much more 3D models. But I believe that you, guys, are the ones to be able to answer this kind of questions or to give any tips on the topic. So, if it is not a national secret, it would be extremely nice if you share some of your experiments and experiences, success and failure stories in order to help beginners to find their own way. 

Thanks for your time! I kindly wait for the discussion! 


Posted over 7 years ago

"Some designers ensure their sales by presenting extremely professional models and that's enough to convince lots of buyers to purchase."

That is the secret. If you present excellent models they will sell themselves.

Posted over 7 years ago

@swan3dstudios-i agree with this but, also alongside this sometimes people can sell well through the very subject itself or by innovating something that's already in the market.

Posted over 7 years ago

But, guys, do you believe in any personal selling strategies or you think that your portfolio is your trump? As community manager I am really interested in your beliefs and opinions, because I want to provide content in our blog that would be relevant for you, guys (:

Posted over 7 years ago

Of course the professional looking models are not the only way that leads you to higher sales. If you can read the needs of market and produce models according to that you can step forward and beside your professional looking portfolio this will make you the presenter of demands.

So in my opinion it would be a good idea examining the market research results or looking at market demand reports. In addition to that assortment is a good thing for your portfolio. Do not stuck at only one type of models. Etc. only cars or characters. If you can show you can model and texture different type of models you can get more jobs.

Posted over 7 years ago

"Small tip for the begginers?"

In my opinion not to give up if they do not have sales at first. I was selling only one or two models in a month at first but I did not gave up and developed myself. This is a patience and endurance job. If you be patient you succeed.

Posted over 7 years ago

Wonderful advise. And actually it works in all the possible spheres of a life. Thanks!

Posted over 7 years ago

High Quality professional models will sell 100%. A good model is achieved when there is nothing to add, remove and complain about it.

Posted about 7 years ago

More quality and original modela can help good look to all

Posted over 1 year ago

rating and number of models

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