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I sold an item today and I want to know one thing about CG points and the re-sale.

I get the request for purchase of points, so I want to remove this template after the sale, I used to exchange data with the applicant the job, but the problem is that I can not delete it, the change.

The same can not delete or edit other models online ...

knowing that I get the message:

suggesting it it will apply only to models sold .

Congrats - you've had (…) some models need to be activated after each sale(…)

I have not sent new models so I do not know if I can put on sale yet, but I thought to sell one item he had 5 points but then everything is blocked ...

Is this normal? there's a solution?


Posted over 7 years ago

Hello Jordan,

After you sell a model you need to buy credits at it says in publisher. Once you buy it the model will be activated and you will be able to sell it again or delete it!

Posted over 7 years ago

okay, thank you for the answer, and that's what I thought, its normal rest "contribute" to CGtrader for allowing me to respond to a request. :)

Posted over 7 years ago

And I'm not able to edit ANY model until I buy the credits. That's silly.

"suggesting it it will apply only to models sold"

Yeah, I would suggest that too.

As for now, I will wait for another sale until buying more credits, as it is more cost efficient for me.
Thus, nothing uploaded, nothing improved (since I can't).

Posted over 7 years ago

Exnihilum, good point, we will make so that the user will be able to upload new models and change personal information. But regarding the existing models we would like to leave them locked until the activation, because some sellers are irresponsible with this issue. What do you think?

Exnihilum wrote
Ofcourse, it is just inconvenient to lock off editability of EVERY model besides the locked ones. I dunno if some artists abuse the issue by re-uploading. Haven't thought about it, but that wouldn't sound good. Maybe you need to create trust levels, it's always a hazzle to have to create filters against the rotten seeds. Now that I think about it, I have no problem if you keep it the way it is. Great that you look into this issue Marius. Cheers

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