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apologies if this has been asked before but I could not find this specific inquiry via the search bar.

I am interested in a specific definition of the "Royalty free license". The license itself says that "you cannot resell it in its printed form as a separate, single item.". However one can sell a physical object if the 3d file has been incorpated/used as"part of a physical object such as a toy, doll, or model".

To me these two statements are a bit contradictory. Does this mean for example, I could buy a 3d head/bust under royalty free license and if I add a pedestal or the rest of the human body under this object, this would then classify as an "incorporated model" and I could this then 3d print this combined object and sell this physical print without any strings attached? If so, I am puzzled what the reason of not being able to sell a physical print of the bust itself in the first place if a simple incorparation as a slightly modified object (e.g. adding a pedestal or a human body for the head/bust to be attached to) allows one to sell the physical object.




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If the model is under Royalty-Free license, you can use it as long as it is incorporated into the product and as long as the 3rd party cannot retrieve it on its own in both digital and physical form.

You cannot resell the model you bought in its digital form and you cannot resell it in its printed form as a separate, single item. Let's say you buy a printable bust of a celebrity, print it and sell it - it would be considered as a copyright infringement. But if you'd buy a figurine for a chess game and sell the whole game together, it'd be fine.

We also always suggest buyers discuss the usage with the seller and gain their approval, this would make you a hundred percent sure that you can proceed with your decision of using the purchase or if you want to make sure you are using licensing correctly please contact our support team at

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