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Hi guys!

I am a Poser/Daz3D graphic artist.

I'm currently working on a project, and not all assets I need are available through the Renderosity/Daz website (where I usually buy my content). I've found this place, which is awesome. I'm planning to buy some OJB files of different vehicles and buildings, which I'm going to have to rig myself through Poser.

Here's my question: Would custom rigging make the purchased 3d asset be considered a "derivative work"?




Posted 6 days ago

Hi John, If the rig is the only thing you had made, you can not resell the model without premission of the original copyright owner.
You can do that only if the model license allows reselling.

Posted 6 days ago

Derivative or not, you can't resell models that wasn't obtained with license that specifically allows reselling. And cgtrader isn't the best place to search for such models.

jtl2 wrote
Where would you recommend?
zabotlama wrote
If you want to (re)sell 3D models I would highly recommend to do the models yourself from scratch. I suppose that site with such weird licence enabling reselling doesn't exist because it gives no sense for sellers. All biggest 3d markets like CGTrader, Turbosquid, 3dExport don't allow to resell and it would be considered as act of piracy.
LemonadeCG wrote
I couldn't agree more with what zabotlama said, if you want to sell assets, make sure that they are all made by you. But if you still want to use premade stuff and have no moral problems with making money from others' hard work, then you should look for asstes under CC0 or public domain license. With these assets you can do pretty much everything you want. For characters, look for Make Human program, for other types CC0 assets, use google search.
Posted 6 days ago

Even if you bought simple 6-polygon cube and you made complex city model with hundreds of polygons from it, you would be allowed to resell it.

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