Really confused with the Royalty Free License regards selling a 3D printed product

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I was wanting to 3D print and cast models for use in jewellery etc for sale. But the Royalty Free License license isn't real clear.

In the popup that appears if you click on the Royalty Free License link on the product page it says 'Products published with this license may not be sold, given, or assigned
to another person or entity in the form it is downloaded from the site,
but can be used in your commercial projects multiple times after paying
for it just once.'

So I assume it can be used commercially in that you can 3D print and cast it, and then sell the product.

But in the Terms and Conditions 21. Royalty Free License paragraph 21.1 it says 'Product may not be sold, given, or assigned to another person or entity
in the form it is downloaded from the Site or in 3D printed physical

On the popup it mentions only 'in the form it is downloaded from the site' and doesn't exclude 3D printed.But in the T&C it does.

It then goes on to exclude a whole range of things that more or less says you can't use it in anything.

So if I pay for it can I use it to 3D print it in castable resin, then cast it and sell it? If not, how can you use it commercially in a project?

Any help to clarify this would be really appreciated.


Posted 13 days ago

It means you can't sell or give away the printable format, or file. It doesn't say directly, or clearly, but that also means that you can't convert the file to some other format and sell the digital file. With Royalty Free you can print copies to sell, or print a copy and make a casting of it and sell the castings. If your friend wanted to sell the same product, he would have to buy the file from the artist and then make copies himself. You can't sell or give the file to your friend.

LemonadeCG wrote
Not true, you can't sell printed copies, or castings. It's not allowed by cgtrader's standard royalty free license. Please do not spread the misinformation.
Posted 12 days ago

Q: So if I pay for it can I use it to 3D print it in castable resin, then cast it and sell it? If not, how can you use it commercially in a project?

No, you can't. You can 3D print the model for yourself, or as a gift for a friend, or family member, but you can't sell such print for profit as it is, or distribute it en masse. I think you can still 3D print and sell it as incorporated product, i.e. if the model in question is not a central part of bigger model, but don't take my word for granted and consult cgtrader support before making any business decisions.

As for commercial usage example, imagine that your client commissioned you to create some physical miniature, that involves a boy walking a dog. You could make all 3D models by yourself, or you can buy the models of boy and dog on marketplace, incorporate them into the scene and deliver 3D printed model (not a source file) to your client. That's a commercial usage. Keep in mind that you're still not allowed to 3D print that model in bulk and sell it to other people.

greyrocket wrote
Wow, this is really unexpected. I purchased a number of jewellery models believing I could actually cast them. For example, a model of a ring that included all the different sizes. There are so many models for jewellery from setting, bails, ring, pendant etc. etc. and I can't use any of them. Very disappointing. My mistake in only reading the popup from the product page which doesn't say anything about physical products. Should have read the full T&C. But am I right in believing that if I value add I can sell them? Would adding a gemstone to a ring be value adding? Or is enamelling a part of the design value adding? Or do I have to change the design completely or incorporate it in another work? (Not sure how you do that with a lions head ring or earrings for example!)
LemonadeCG wrote
I'm not an expert in this, so you'd better contact the support and clarify what exactly you can and what you can't do. From my understanding, adding a gemstone does not make any difference in this case. As for building upon someone's design, you will never be able to claim that design as your own. Your work will be considered as derivative, with all the consequences of that.
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CGTrader really needs a special license and pricing for 3D prints as this thread clearly illustrates.
Jewelry is great example.
I'm pretty sure > 90% of buyers buys these models for physical production without reading the license.
And probably great amount of sellers sells them for this purpose.. also without reading the license.

LemonadeCG wrote
I agree with you, additional and/or more flexible licenses are needed for 3D printing. As it stands selling/buying 3D printed assets is only good for hobbyists.
Posted 12 days ago

My appologies Lemonade CG. I should have read the CGTrader license agreement in it's entirety and not rely on snippets of whatever the OP's managed to cut and paste.

The first paragraph:

"If the model is under Royalty Free license, you can use it as long as it is incorporated into the product and as long as the 3rd party cannot retrieve it on its own in both digital and physical form. You cannot resell the model you bought in its digital form and you cannot resell it in its printed form as a separate, single item. "

However, from my understanding, you can sell this if it is incorporated into another product. Again, it's best to clarify this with and explain to them your intentions.

This is the agreement on this website. I've noticed that this can mean different things on different websites based on different media. So it's best to consult with support of whatever website you're on to determine what the exact definition is, as this can vary.

Posted 12 days ago

Thanks, everyone. I contacted one of the sellers and he freely gave permission to cast and sell the jewellery. I'm not sure if this then makes it okay, or CG Traders license overrules that. I'll contact them to find out.

scmax45 wrote
Any clarification? I'm looking to do something similar

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