Quote for 3d printed miniature creatures and humanoids for a 15mm scale...

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Hey there,

(hope this is ok to ask on here, please delete if not) just wondering if
anyone has experience in designing 3d printed miniature creatures and humanoids
for a 15mm scale. I have a client who is after these.

If you have some examples and could give us one quote (in $US) as if you
were quoting for the man and the beast individually in this photo

( photo is just for your reference and not our models) that would be great.

Please PM me.




Posted about 1 year ago

15mm would be an extremely small scale for 3d printing the kind of detail you see in your example. Were your examples successfully printed in the past at that scale, with that amount of small detail? You could get a great amount of detail at that scale using SLS printing, but I would imagine most extrusion printers would require a bit larger scale for something as detailed as those examples.

Posted about 1 year ago

Correction in terminology: Not SLS (it's too coarse for powder polymers and beam parameters and too expensive for direct metal sinthering), but SLA and similar (DLP-SLA, M-SLA). On the picture I see scale ~30mm and it's OK for DLP or MSLA. But 15mm scale would be too small even for this type of printing (if we meaning about details... detailing would be lost even with 0.025mm Z-step). I'm sure.

BUT! Anyway scaled to 15mm it would looking after printing not so bad ewen with lost small details. (at least not worst than human figurines for railway or battle modeling)

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