PMS KG19 Pistol and Knife

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Hi guys, my first post in this forum, and hopefully more post from now on.

Here is the first pistol and knife from a series of guns that I want to model. I hope you like it.

Thank you!


Posted 4 months ago

I'm very impressed by the textures of the models. You provided some excellent details and gave attention to even the smallest parts, which I find very ambitious and well done. The only minor suggestion I can offer is that is I would have loved to see such great textures supporting a clean quad-based topology. I know triangles work just fine for a model like this one (and is arguably more efficient), but that's just my own personal "pet peeve" when it comes to any model where the textures and materials are so clearly well done. I think once this model gets some views, it should become a top seller for you! The preview renders are great.

PromeshStudio wrote
Thank you luxxeon, I appreciate your honest feedback. Regarding the quad topology, that is not possible for models that are for games. Once imported into any engine it gets triangulated anyway. For the high poly I work mainly in quads :). Thank you!
Posted 4 months ago

Good job and attention to details.

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