Planet Collection Pack 1 $65

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So i have now a whole pack that has all the best of my models for $65 - which the whole collection cost $152.

is this worth it let me no?

Let me no what you think of my models too would appreciate the advice and criticism.


Posted over 1 year ago

That's the beauty of being able to make collections here. It gives the customer a great deal while giving you even more content to sell, without any extra work. Sure, it's worth it. Making collections can really help boost sales and increase your overall reach. The individual models are still there, and still listed where they were before this, so you really shouldn't lose any of the money you were making previously. At least that's been my experience with making collections.

Posted over 1 year ago

the price is too low!!

some people sell chairs for more than what you have, is this really the value of all of your hard work?

luxxeon wrote
I usually don't say this, but in this case, I think the prices are ok. When it comes to planets, I think clients care most about the quality of the maps. 8k maps are a good resolution, and the price seems fair. In the case of a chair, depending on the style and detail, the modeling could be a lot more involved and time-consuming. Just my two cents.
Posted over 1 year ago


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